What is CRG Racing?

CRG, is a world leading company in the production and marketing of chassis and spare parts for karts; it was founded in 1986 building up on the experience of its promoting partners in the company Kalì-Kart dating back to the 70s.

Who owns CRG Karting?

Officially founded in 1986, CRG has its roots in the history of karting, given that its three founders were already involved in Kali Kart, belonging to Calogero Vanaria, one of the “founding fathers” of the sport. Today, CRG is a cutting-edge company, the Tinini Group’s flagship brand.

Do Rotax karts have gears?

Rotax engines have one gear or sprocket, and therefore can either be tuned towards a higher top speed or faster acceleration. The larger the sprocket (number of teeth) the faster your kart will accelerate.

How fast is a Rotax DD2?

around 140 km/h
The top speed is around 140 km/h (87 mph) depends on gearing and track length.

What frame does CRG use for KZ?

SHIFTER. CRG’s reference frame for the KZ classes is always the multi-titled Road Rebel, made with 32 mm tubes. During the 2020 season, slight changes were made in the type of tubes and in some accessories, interventions that have improved performance and made this frame even more versatile with all types of tyres.

Why choose CRG racing chassis?

The Racing Chassis range by CRG is one of the most complete and successful on the market. Every single product, from frames to accessories, undergoes a process that respects strict quality controls and in-depth tests on the track.

What’s new in the 2021 CRG chassis range?

The amount of work was high and for the 2021 chassis range this development on track took the form of many small updates that improved the performance of all CRG chassis lines: Mini, Direct Drive and Shifter. MINI. The market of the Mini categories in recent years has registered an increasing importance in the Karting panorama.

What is the difference between the CRG and direct drive models?

According to CRG’s technical staff, the differences between the two models concern more the feeling that the driver can find rather than performance, which on many occasions proved to be substantially similar. DIRECT DRIVE.