What is community find in Tile?

The way the Tile works is that it’s able to tap into its community of users who have the company’s app installed on their smartphones in order to help people with missing items locate them, even when that item is no longer nearby.

How does community find lost Tile?

So what does this mean for your stolen bike? The next time someone in the Tile Network happens to walk by it– wherever it is–their app will automatically identify your Tile as marked as lost and send you an anonymous message with its latest location so you can go and get it back!

Can Tile find people?

Trusted family and friends can help you locate your Tile by ringing it, seeing its location on the map, or activating the Tile community. IMPORTANT: Only share your Tile with people you know. By sharing your Tile with another person, you’re giving them access to your Tile’s location.

What does it mean when someone thanks you on Tile?

Utilizing the Tile Network is safe You won’t be able to see where other people’s Tiles are, and they won’t be able to see yours. Location updates are automatic and anonymous, so it’s completely secure. You could also receive an anonymous thank you message from the owner of the Tile thanking you for helping them.

Does Tile work without cell signal?

You do not need a data connection (cellular or WiFi) to: Ring your Tile (requires Bluetooth only) See your Tile’s location history. Find your phone.

Does Tile work with Alexa?

Tile is now supported by Find My with Alexa. After you have enabled your Tile skill and set up your Tile devices, you can enable the skill in the Alexa app. Once done, you can simply say things like “Alexa, find my keys” or “Alexa, ring my backpack” to locate your items.

How do I share a Tile tracker?

How do I share my Tiles?

  1. In the Tile app, select the Tile you want to share.
  2. Scroll down to and select Unlimited Sharing.
  3. Next to the envelope icon, type the email address of the person with whom you would like to share your Tile, then tap Done.

Does Tile track?

Whenever a person running the Tile app passes within Bluetooth range of your Tile, their device will automatically and anonymously update your app with your Tile’s most recent location. You’ll then receive a notification of your Tile’s last known location so you can go back there to find it.

Does Tile show location history?

How do I see my location history once I have signed up for Tile Premium? Tap on any of your Tiles from the home screen. Tap the Options tab and select “Location History”. A map and list of location updates from last 30 days will appear.

Can Tile track your phone?

– Whenever your phone goes missing at home, or at the office, simply walk up to your designated find-your-phone Tile, and double press the button. As long as you’re within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, your phone will start ringing and you can locate it by sound — just like Tile.

How big is the Tile community?

There are 40 million Tiles out there (based on 2021 figures) and these users make up the finding network for Tile.