What is amylee33 real name?

Amy-Lee Hart
Amy-Lee Hart, more popularly known as AmyLee33 or simply Amy Lee, is a Female YouTuber, Gamer and Author….AmyLee33.

Amy Lee
Channel(s) Amy Lee Cherryade
Date Joined 5th June 2013
Status Active

What happened to rosie833?

Channel. She has a YouTube channel of her own, although it has been inactive (as of 22nd January 2018). She has currently over 111,000 subscribers.

How many subscribers does amylee33 have?

one million subscribers
She celebrated one million subscribers as many others do: With a “Draw My Life” video.

Is AmyLee33 kid friendly?

AmyLee33. AmyLee33 is a bright pink mermaid and makes very fun and happy videos like her “Land of Love” series. Her videos are very mild as well, so they are especially great for kids.

How old is Kye Garrett?

age 25
Kye Garrett (née Bates; born: November 18, 1996 (1996-11-18) [age 25]), better known online as Sqaishey Quack (or simply Sqaishey), is an English Minecraft player who frequently collaborates with stampylonghead.

What is ashashdubh’s real name?

AshDubh Name Elijah Fox-Hall Nickname (s) Ash Alias FearADubh, Smash, HoboAsh Gender Male

What is race to the Moon?

Race to the Moon was a 60 episode series on IBallisticSquid ‘s channel. It was a SMP-style server with nine YouTubers in teams of three, who all compete to be the first team to reach the moon.

Who were the team leaders of the Moon race?

The race was set up by Minecraft NASA and Stampy’s scientist grandfather. There were nine participants and were grouped in teams of three as they compete to reach the moon first to win the grand prize of 100 gold bars each. The team leaders were Squid, Ash and Amy. All three of them uploaded each of their team’s progress to their channel.

What happened to ashduboh?

Ash now has a new channel named ashduboh (formerly named MrBeliall and HoboAsh), where he posted his more recent gaming videos, most notably PUBG Mobile, Roblox and Fall Guys. All of these videos have since been removed. In August 2021, the channel rebranded to now include much more non-scripted content aside from gaming.