What is a VLD seating stem?

Redding offers a group of specialized free floating seat stems for its Competition Seating Dies when using VLD style bullets. These bullets have a much shallower ogive angle and may actually bottom out in the standard seat plug. …

Do I need a VLD seating stem?

We recommended that when loading a Very Low Drag (VLD) bullet, Hybrid bullet, or any bullet that has a secant ogive, that you use a VLD seating stem or a reloading die that was made specifically to match a secant shape. Most die manufacturers sell some seating stems that are made for loading secant ogive bullets.

What is a seating stem?

These seating stems are designed to fit Hornady® Custom Grade™ Dies, and are machined to fit the profile of the A-Tip® bullets to seat them as precisely as possible without damaging bullets. (Not compatible with other manufacturers’ dies.)

Why do bullets have rings?

A further consideration, and a very common cause for ringed bullets, is simply improper case prep and powder handling. A ring can be a sign that it is taking an extra amount of pressure to seat the bullet – through neck tension, a compressed load, or burrs on the case mouth.

What are match grade dies?

Hornady® Match™ Grade Dies give you total control over neck tension in the resizing process. These dies feature the ability to use interchangeable, self-centering neck size bushings that eliminate the chance of over sizing your case necks and overworking the brass.

Where are Lee dies made?

The Lee family has been producing affordable reloading products since 1958. Their great prices come from patented innovative designs. They are thankful to say Lee Precision products are cast, machined and assembled in the USA.

What does a red ring around a bullet mean?

Red/orange tipped – incendiary /Tracer bullets. Black tipped – Armour piercing bullets. White tipped – explosive bullets. Green tipped- Disintegrating/frangible bullets. Dummy rounds usually have pressed grooves in main body of cartridge.

Will Redding bushings work in Hornady dies?

Please note: Redding, RCBS, Hornady and Wilson Bushings are interchangeable.

What are bushing reloading dies?

The Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die brings you an advanced precision level by allowing you to precisely control the amount of bullet tension in your reloaded cartridges. A one-step neck sizing reduction/shoulder bump operation keeps your case necks straighter.

Where are Hornady dies made?

Hornady Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of ammunition and handloading components, based in Grand Island, Nebraska….Hornady.

Type Private
Headquarters Grand Island, Nebraska , U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Products Ammunition, handloading equipment and supplies.
Owner Steve Hornady

Where are Lee Reloaders made?

the USA
They are thankful to say Lee Precision products are cast, machined and assembled in the USA. Serving the reloaders of the world for over fifty years!