What is a Partita IVA in Italy?

What is the “partita IVA”? It is a sequence of 11 digits that uniquely identifies a person who carries out a work activity. It is the equivalent of the VAT number (Value Added Tax). Once obtained, you can then work and pay your taxes regularly.

How do I participate in Partita IVA in Italy?

To open a Partita IVA you must head on over to the Agenzie delle Entrate to request it, the will provide you a form to fill out, asking about the type of work. The forms are AA9/12 o AA7/10, and you will be asked for an ATECO code to identify what you will work as.

What is regime Forfettario English?

A special tax scheme (Regime Forfettario) offers a flat rate on gross income for taxpayers looking to get themselves registered for VAT and start a self-employed business or profession for the first time in 2019.

How much tax do I pay as a freelancer in Italy?

Freelancer taxation in ordinary regime The rates applied are progressive, starting from the minimum rate of 23% to the maximum rate of 43%.

Is Italy good for freelancers?

In Italy, freelance work is growing in popularity. According to the stats, 13.8% of the population does freelance work, and more than 30% of those people are under 40. More and more Italian cities are becoming “smart cities,” offering infrastructure and services that hugely benefit freelancers and digital nomads.

Do I need to register for VAT in Italy?

There is no registration threshold in Italy for non-established companies. Any company foreign and non-established company performing taxable transactions should register for VAT before the first supply is made.

How do I register as self employed in Italy?

Foreign nationals wishing to come to Italy to become self-employed in one of the activities provided by the annual inflow decree must obtain an entry visa for self-employment from the Italian embassy or consulate of their own country in order then to apply for a stay permit for self-employed work.

How much tax do freelancers pay in Italy?

That means if you’re starting up as a freelancer in Italy, you’re granted this temptingly low 5% flat-rate tax on your turnover. You’re eligible for it as long as you’re carrying out new business activity. Therefore, your self-employment can’t be an extension of a business you carried out previously.

What is VAT number Italy?

The VAT number in Italy is called “Il numero di registrazione IVA”, short “P. IVA”. After the classic country code “IT” it is followed by 11 digits. Example: IT12345678901.

How do I register for VAT in Italy?

In order to get the VAT registration in Italy is necessary to appoint an accountant (commercialista) in Italy who will do the registration using its electronic signature. The foreign traders have to deposit the application for release of VAT code in Italy at the tax office of the legal / tax representative in Italy.