What is a leather sword frog?

A sword frog is the easiest, quickest and least expensive method for carrying your sword on a waist belt. The frog consists of a thick leather base with sturdy belt strap and adjustable flaps that lace up around your sword scabbard with leather thongs.

Why is it called a sword frog?

Sword frogs are made to hold the weight of typically any one handed steel sword, however there were frogs made that were able to carry two or more swords for knights who chose to carry more than one weapon. The frog was an invention that would insure versatility. The frog made it where any sword could fit any belt.

What is a weapon frog?

A frog is an open leather pocket that serves as a connecting holder between the belt and the scabbard, but can be used on its own to hold an exposed sword.

What is a leather frog?

A leather frog is the easiest, quickest and least expensive method for carrying your sword or dagger on a waist belt. Our leather sword and dagger frogs consist of a thick leather base, sturdy belt straps and adjustable flaps that lace or buckle around your scabbard.

What were scabbards made from?

Scabbards have been made of many materials over the millennia, including leather, wood, and metals such as brass or steel. Most commonly, sword scabbards were worn suspended from a sword belt or shoulder belt called a baldric.

What is leather frog?

How did Vikings carry their swords?

Vikings carried their swords in scabbards, worn over the shoulder and always accessible to the right hand.

Can you make leather out of frogs?

Abstract Frog skin prepared by the method is suitable for manufacturing high-grade fabrics of leather shoes, gloves, pockets, swimsuits, etc. and has specific natural patterns which can not be replaced by other leather, and thus, the present invention has optimistic perspectives.