What impact did the Rockefeller drug laws have on the criminal justice system?

The Rockefeller Drug Laws restricted the ability of judges to divert people convicted of drug offenses into community-based programs – like drug treatment, education and vocational programs – which have proven to be far more effective and cheaper than prison at reducing recidivism and preventing drug misuse and abuse.

What is draconian drug law?

As a result of the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s, Congress imposed draconian maximum sentences on all drug-related statutes. Draconian meaning excessively harsh and severe consequences that can be traced back to Draco the Athenian who gave heavy punishments for small offenses.

Why are alcohol and tobacco exempt from the war on drugs?

Why are alcohol and tobacco exempted from the war on drugs? Tobacco and alcohol are explicitly exempted from drug scheduling, despite their detrimental impacts on individual health and society as a whole, due to economic and cultural reasons.

What is the 650 lifer law?

The 650-lifer law, passed in 1973, dictated that a mandatory life sentence without parole was to be handed out in cases involving possession, delivery, or intent to deliver over 650 grams of cocaine or heroin.

What are the social consequences of the war on drugs?

Criminalisation of drug users, excessive levels of imprisonment, and punitive sentencing practices, including mandatory sentencing, the death penalty and enforced ‘drug detention centres’, are some of the unintended negative consequences of the 50 year ‘war on drugs’, a policy with direct impact on the vulnerable, poor …

Is the Rockefeller drug law still in effect?

While the Rockefeller Drug Laws went into effect in 1973, it had its roots in 1957. In that year, the Joint Legislative Committee on Narcotic Study commenced and would remain intact through the passage of the famous (or infamous, depending on one’s point of view) Rockefeller Drug Laws in 1973.

Who made Rockefeller law?

Governor Nelson Rockefeller
Governor Nelson Rockefeller surprised his own staff with his dramatic shift on drug policy. Jan 24, 2013 — Forty years ago this month, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller launched his campaign for what came to be known as the Rockefeller drug laws.

What are draconian ideas?

Use the word Draconian (or lowercase draconian) to describe laws or rules that are really harsh and repressive. In ancient Athens, Draco was a guy who made some seriously strict laws. So rules that are too restrictive — or just plain unfair — are called Draconian.