What happens in Saint Seiya before Hades Chapter?

Summary of Saint Seiya before the Hades chapter. This episode introduces the legend of the Saints of Athena, who have always fought without weapons since the mythological times. The legend tells that they could smash the ground with their kicks and destroy stars with their punches. And now, they’re back to the modern times.

When did the Saint Seiya anime start and end?

The Saint Seiya anime (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), based on the manga series of the same name by Masami Kurumada, was produced by Toei Animation.It first premiered on Japan’s TV Asahi on October 11, 1986, and continued on until April 1, 1989. It was directed first by Kōzō Morishita (episodes 1–73) and then by Kazuhito Kikuchi (74–114).

How many ova’s are there in the Hades Chapter – Sanctuary?

A set of 2 special episodes that summarize the 13 OVAs of “The Hades Chapter – Sanctuary” from the perspective of the Gold Saints resurrected by Hades, especially Shura, Camus and Saga.

How many episodes are there in Hades arc?

It was not until 2002 that the “Hades arc”, the finale to Kurumada’s manga, was adapted into an original video animation (OVA) series. The project was divided into three chapters – “Sanctuary”, “Inferno” and “Elysion” – spanning a total of 31 episodes. The first chapter was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi and scripted by Michiko Yokote.

What happened to Seiya’s sister Seika?

Seiya arrives in Japan and learns about the Galaxian Wars, but he’s not interested. All he wants is to find his missing sister, Seika. Saori tells him that she’s disappeared when he went to Greece and makes a deal with Seiya: He wins the tournament, she’ll find his sister.

Who is the Bronze Saint of Dragon vs Seiya?

The most furious battle of the tournament begins: Seiya versus Shiryu, Bronze Saint of Dragon. Seiya has hard times against Shiryu, whose Rising Dragon attack is so powerful that it can invert the course of Rozan Waterfall, and whose cloth’s fist and shield are the most solid and strong ones in the world.