What happened in the Six Feet Under finale?

August 21, 2005
Six Feet Under/Final episode date

Who does Nate end up with six feet under?

However, the series then skips ahead in time to late 2002, where it is revealed that Nate was revived by doctors and the procedure was successful, and Nate and Lisa have married; their daughter, Maya, is seven months old.

What happens to Billy on Six Feet Under?

Although it appears he will recover, he dies in his sleep with David by his side. Following his death, the series spends the last three episodes addressing the other characters’ lives as they attempt to cope with his absence.

Are Billy and Brenda twins?

Billy Chenowith is a recurring character who is the son of Bernard Chenowith and Margaret Chenowith and the younger brother of Brenda Chenowith.

What happened to Six Feet Under’s storyline?

HBO’s Six Feet Under centered around life and death. Like real life, not every storyline in Alan ball’s drama has a satisfying resolution. Most fans of the series Six Feet Under, which ended just shy of 15 years ago, will agree that the series went out with a bang.

Is ‘Six Feet Under’s’ series finale the most difficult on TV?

It’s a difficult feat to make a final episode of TV that checks off all of these criteria, especially when accomplishing one so often comes at the expense of the others. The following contains spoilers for the series finale of Six Feet Under.

What is the song at the end of Six Feet Under?

At last, ”Six Feet Under” leaped out of its day-to-day angst and into the closure of the long view, set to the heightened strains of a song called ”Breathe Me” by Sia. The montage was an exhilarating rush into finality, each character’s epigraph like a sign on Claire’s journey, until, ultimately, we saw ”Claire Simone Fisher: 1983-2085.”

Can a series finale ever be universally adored?

For a series finale to air and be universally adored is close to unheard of – even well-received recent sendoffs like Breaking Bad, Justified and Mad Men had their vocal detractors – and it’s arguable that the only show ever to achieve it is Alan Ball’s rich family drama Six Feet Under.