What does YIRR mean?

Scottish. : to growl or snarl in the manner of a dog.

What does the word midstream mean?

the middle of a stream
Definition of midstream 1 : the middle of a stream. 2 : an intermediate stage in an act or process the tone changes in midstream.

What is the English meaning of unruffled?

Definition of unruffled 1 : poised and serene especially in the face of setbacks or confusion. 2 : not ruffled : smooth unruffled water.

What is another word for midstream?

What is another word for midstream?

ride lift
joyride turn
whirl sally
junket commute
airing tootle

What does midst mean in the Bible?

1 : the interior or central part or point : middle in the midst of the forest. 2 : a position of proximity to the members of a group a traitor in our midst. 3 : the condition of being surrounded or beset in the midst of his troubles.

Does unruffled mean calm?

calm; not emotionally upset or agitated; steady; unflustered: He became all excited, but she remained unruffled. not ruffled, as a garment; smooth.

What is the meaning of earthen pitcher?

1 made of baked clay. an earthen pot. 2 made of earth.

Which is the closest antonym for the word nontoxic?

antonyms for nontoxic

  • harmful.
  • strong.
  • destructive.
  • evil.
  • hurtful.
  • injurious.
  • sinful.
  • wicked.

How do you use midst?


  1. in the midst of something Such beauty was unexpected in the midst of the city.
  2. The house is set in the midst of large gardens.
  3. from the midst of something She appeared from the midst of the crowd.