What does Skytap do?

Skytap is a software company that makes applications for cloud automation and virtual machine (VM) management, development and testing. As an Amazon partner, Skytap offers pre-configured AWS (Amazon Web Services) testing environments.

When customer use skytap what are the services they can be access?

Use single sign-on (SSO) with two-factor authentication. Skytap supports single sign-on utilizing SAML 2.0. With SSO, users can access Skytap using their corporate directory credentials and applications such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services or Ping Identity’s PingFederate.

What is skytap VM?

Skytap is a cloud platform for creating, managing, and sharing virtual machine environments. Environments can be as simple as a single VM, or as complex as an entire virtual data center, with dozens of VMs, multiple networks, and applications.

Does IBM own skytap?

Skytap, Inc. Skytap, Inc. is a private company based in Seattle, Washington offering a public service for cloud computing. Skytap is also offered by IBM to enable enterprises to migrate and modernize their core business applications.

What is skytap on Azure?

Skytap on Azure is a cloud computing service that runs traditional enterprise workloads natively in the cloud. Skytap allows companies of any size running IBM AIX, IBM i, Linux based operating systems, or traditional x86 workloads to easily move them to Azure.

What is skyskytap on azure?

Skytap on Azure is a service that runs IBM Power and x86 traditional workloads on hardware in Azure datacenters. Organizations of any size that run applications on IBM Power–based AIX, AIX, or Linux operating systems can migrate them to Azure with little upfront effort. Azure Virtual Machine instances provide on-demand, scalable computing power.

Why migrate to Skytap?

Quickly migrate existing workloads directly into Skytap without rewriting and start harnessing the benefits of core cloud capabilities, including capacity on-demand, self-service provisioning, and high availability. Skytap supports AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power Systems as well as x86 workloads.

How does Skytap on azure integrate with IBM i?

Data Box Gateway sends the data from the IBM i system through an Azure Private Link endpoint to an Azure Blob Storage account. An FTP proxy and Data Box Gateway are deployed in the Skytap on Azure environment in the same network as the IBM i systems.