What does rabbit anti goat IgG mean?

Goat anti rabbit IgG antibody recognizes the Fc region of rabbit immunoglobulin G, confirmed by ELISA and immunoelectrophoresis. The antibody has not been species cross adsorbed and may cross react with IgG from other species. It shows weak recognition of rabbit IgM in ELISA.

What is the role of goat anti rabbit IgG horseradish?

Goat anti-Rabbit IgG Secondary Antibody [HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)] Summary. Detects rabbit IgG heavy and light chains in direct ELISAs and Western blots. In direct ELISAs, less than 5% cross-reactivity with human IgG, mouse IgG, and chicken IgY is observed.

What is the role of goat anti rabbit?

This goat anti-rabbit IgG HRP is used as the ‘secondary antibody’ for western blotting or ELISA where the primary antibody was generated in rabbits. This peroxidase-conjugated secondary antibody is suitable for western blotting when employing detection by commercially available chemiluminescence-based substrates.

What is Alexa Fluor Plus?

Invitrogen Alexa Fluor Plus conjugate technology provides higher signal to noise ratios with minimized cross-reactivity for fluorescent imaging and western blotting.

What does anti rabbit antibody mean?

Anti-rabbit secondary antibodies are generated by immunizing a host animal with a pooled population of immunoglobulins (Ig) from the target species. In this case, the Ig would come from rabbits and be introduced into one of the available host species: goat, donkey, mouse, chicken, or sheep.

What is anti-rabbit antibody?

How long do Alexa Fluor antibodies last?

Storage at 4°C should not exceed 1 or 2 weeks.

Is 633 far-red?

Invitrogen Alexa Fluor 647 dye is a bright, far-red–fluorescent dye with excitation ideally suited for the 594 nm or 633 nm laser lines. Probes with high fluorescence quantum yield and high photostability allow detection of low-abundance biological structures with great sensitivity. …

How are goat anti rabbit antibodies made?

Could goat anti rabbit secondary antibodies be used to detect two different types of rabbit antibodies explain your answer?

Yes, and especially if you have the primary antibodies of different isotype (for example IgG1 and IgG2a) recognizing A and B, then you can detect these with secondary IgG-specific goat anti-mouse antibodies conjugated to different Alexas, or whatever you wish.

What is donkey anti-rabbit IgG H&L (Alexa Fluor® 405)?

Overview Product name Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (Alexa Fluor® 405) Host species Donkey Target species Rabbit Specificity This antibody is specific to Rabbit IgG Tested applications Suitable for: IHC-Fr, Flow Cyt, IHC-P, ELISA, ICC/IFmore details Immunogen The details of the immunogen for this antibody are not available.

What is alexalexa Fluor®?

Alexa Fluor ® is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes, Inc, a Thermo Fisher Scientific Company. The Alexa Fluor ® dye included in this product is provided under an intellectual property license from Life Technologies Corporation.

What is the optimal concentration of Alexa Fluor 405 dye for DAPI?

The DAPI filter may not excite until the maximum emission peaks of Alexa Fluor ® 405 dye (see difference below) Use at an assay dependent concentration. 1/2000. Use at an assay dependent concentration. Use at an assay dependent concentration. 1/200 – 1/1000. We recommend the use of a dedicated 405 filter for optimal results not the DAPI filter.