What does ODP mean in soccer?

Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program
What is the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program? Train to Develop. Play to Win. The US Youth Soccer ODP Philosophy. To identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis, which will lead to increased success for the U.S. National Teams in the international arena.

Who is ODP?

What is ODP? The US YOUTH SOCCER Olympic Development Program, or ODP as it is more commonly called, is a national identification and development program for high-level players. From the state pools and subsequent teams, players are identified for regional and national pools and teams.

What age group does ODP start?

Close to 100,000 players between the ages of 13 and 18 participate in ODP every year. Actual seasons vary by state, but can start as early as November and finish as late as May. Every state has an ODP program, and the hierarchy expands up to four regions and–for the elite–a national camp.

What is ODP PA?

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is one of seven program offices operating under the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS). The mission of the ODP is to support Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities achieve greater independence, choice and opportunity in their lives.

How expensive is ODP?

The cost of ODP ranges from $250-850 depending on specific showcase/camp costs. *Showcase/camp costs include transportation to and from camp, full room and board, as well as all coaches’ fees, etc. **Players selected to the training pool must have full payment into the MYSA office no later than Sunday, May 12, 2019.

What is an ODP NHS?

Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) work in three key areas; anaesthetics, surgery and recovery. They will monitor the patients physiological parameters, providing appropriate interventions and treatment until the patient has recovered from the effects of the anaesthesia and/or surgery and is stable.

What is the Alabama Soccer Association Olympic Development Program?

Alabama Soccer Association’s Olympic Development Program–an affiliate of USYS ODP–is an identification and training program that provides exclusive opportunities for players to reach the next level of play.

How do I become an ODP player in Alabama?

ODP program registration which includes access to Techne Futbol – a personal training tool that players can use to develop on their own. (2) Attend an Alabama ODP ID & Training Center for assessment to make the Age Group Pool. Players are evaluated on the Alabama ODP Player Assessment & Criteria.

What is the US youth soccer ODP?

From 1982 until the present, international events for youth national teams have increased substantially and the US Youth Soccer ODP has kept pace by instituting trials and player pools for five age groups in the boys’ program, and five age groups in the girls’ program. Each State Association holds ODP try-outs on an annual basis.

What is the South region ODP ID camp?

Players identified by coaches and scouts as those warranting invitation to the South Region ODP ID Camp receive invitations from US Youth Soccer in late Spring to attend the summer camp. At camp, the top 60-100 players from the states within our region compete to make the Regional Pool for each age group.