What does it mean if your belly button hurts?

Many minor conditions can cause pain in the navel area and even radiate to other areas of the body, including the pelvis, legs, and chest. Common causes include indigestion, constipation, and pregnancy. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Why does my belly button feel weird when I touch it?

Dr Christopher Hollingsworth of NYC Surgical Associates explained to Lad Bible that touching the belly button actually stimulates the lining of the stomach, causing us to feel like we need to dash to the loo – even when we actually don’t.

Why does your belly button hurt when you touch it?

This is because appendicitis, which is an emergency that requires surgery, is a condition that often presents with sharp severe pains initially in the belly button area. Other, less serious causes of pain in this area include gas distention and indigestion.

Why do I have a burning feeling near my belly button?

Some common causes of belly button discomfort and pain are due to issues with your digestive system. For example, trapped gas, irritable bowel syndrome, or Crohn’s disease can all cause aching pains around your belly button.

What causes abdominal pain above the belly button?

Pain around or above the belly button may be the result of a disorder in the functioning of the pancreas. Some of the common pancreatic problems are acute pancreatitis, hereditary pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, and pancreatic cancer. Pain around the tummy button or entire abdominal area could be from any ailment in the small intestine.

What does it mean when your belly button is sore to touch?

Bacterial infections cause a yellow or green, foul-smelling discharge. You can also have swelling, pain, and a scab around your belly button. Candidiasis is a yeast infection caused by Candida, a type of yeast that typically grows in damp, dark areas of the body. It can occur between skin folds, such as in your groin area and under your arms.