What does it mean for someone to spiral?

This is commonly used to describe a person’s depressive state which becomes difficult to control leading to the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors getting worse very quickly.

What does it mean to spiral out of control?

If activities or events spin out of control, they change very quickly and in an uncontrolled way: The country’s economy seemed to be spinning out of control. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

How do you get out of a spiral?

If so, here are nine of my learnings on how to reverse, or even prevent, the downward spiral:

  1. Be aware.
  2. Start an open conversation.
  3. Take a step back to get perspective.
  4. Don’t seclude yourself.
  5. Look to the future.
  6. Explore the root of the problem.
  7. Manage expectations.
  8. Be present.

How do you stop a spiral?

Jondal has a few suggestions based on research to calm anxiety and on her experience working as a resiliency specialist.

  1. Breathe from your belly.
  2. Move your body.
  3. Turn up the music.
  4. Remind yourself: This is temporary.
  5. Be self-compassionate.

What do spirals mean in spirituality?

It represents the cycle of life; birth, growth, death, and re-incarnation. Spiritually the spiral represents a connectivity with the divine, spiraling from the outer ego (the outside world) into the inner soul (cosmic awareness and enlightenment). The spiral represents evolution and growth of the spirit.

What does the symbol with 3 spirals mean?

The Triskele or Triple Spiral is said to be the oldest symbol of spirituality. The spirals are also said to symbolize the inner and outer worlds and the themes of birth, death, and rebirth as well as the unity of mental, physical, and spiritual self.

What does the Greek spiral mean?

The Spiral is one of the oldest symbols and has been used since the Paleolithic period in Greece. We find it in many Greek houses and it decorates architecturally most of the great public and private buildings and monuments. It symbolizes the creation of life and vitality.

What is a positive spiral?

Positive thinking and it’s power to self-generate an upward spiral is a concept from Barbara Fredrickson’s broaden-and-build theory. This theory asserts that positive emotions broaden one’s attention and cognition, and therefore initiates upward spirals of emotional and physical self-development.