What do adults with Aspergers do?

Some adults with Asperger profiles develop an understanding of the world around them, a framework of how and where they do or don’t fit in; they learn and apply skills and strategies to use in particular situations, anticipate and manage upsetting sensory input.

Can people with Aspergers drive?

1. Not every adult with AS does or should drive. Some teens with Asperger’s have profound sensory sensitivities, visual-spatial issues, anxiety, or poor motor control that makes driving unsafe for themselves and others on the road.

Should people with Aspergers be on medication?

There are no drugs specifically prescribed for ASD. Some people with Asperger’s or related conditions are able to function well in life without taking any medications. Whether or not your healthcare provider prescribes medication depends on you or your child’s symptoms.

What is the best job for Aspergers adults?

Suitable Careers for Adults with High-Functioning Autism & Asperger’s. Careers involving engineering, mathematics or science are also common in people with the disorder. This can include becoming an accountant, working in economics or scientific research, working as a university professor or other mathematical or scientific area.

What is the best therapy for Aspergers?

Some of the possible treatments for Asperger syndrome from various sources may include: Cognitive behavioural therapy. Occupational therapy. Physical therapy. Antidepressants. SSRIs . Sertraline . Fluoxetine .

How do I diagnosis Asperger’s syndrome in adults?

The First Step in Diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome. For someone who wishes to know if they have Asperger’s syndrome,I first ask that the person fill out several questionnaires,and either

  • Review of Records.
  • Interviews.
  • Conclusion.
  • What are common signs of Adult Asperger’s?

    Common Signs and Symptoms of Asperger’s Social Symptoms. One telltale sign of Asperger’s syndrome is having difficulty in social situations. Language and Speech Issues. Unlike other autism spectrum disorders, a person with Asperger’s typically doesn’t experience a speech delay. Cognitive Behaviors. Physical Symptoms.