What did Timothy do in the Cay?

Timothy is the kind-hearted West Indian man who saves Phillip’s life again and again. He pulls him on the raft, rescues him from sharks, and shelters him from the hurricane. As a character, Timothy’s purpose in the novel is to aid in Phillip’s character transformation.

What are the character traits of Timothy from the cay?

Timothy is very practical, which means he’s a man of action and down to earth. His survival skills are what keep him and Phillip alive when they are stranded on a tiny island. He thinks ahead and makes all kinds of preparations for their needs – from building shelter to finding food and water. He is also optimistic.

How does Phillip describe Timothy in the Cay?

He thinks Timothy is old and ugly. And since Phillip’s mother has always distrusted Black people because they are different, Phillip distrusts Timothy because he is Black. For example, when Timothy says they must ration their water, Phillip assumes Timothy is being mean and selfish.

What did Timothy say was bad luck in the Cay?

Timothy says Stew Cat is bad luck, but to cause his death would be even worse.

What did Philip learn from Timothy?

Timothy teaches Phillip how to find the fishing hole. Then he shows him how to find a mussel, bait his hook, and catch fish. After a few days of practicing together, Phillip begins to do all the fishing.

Why does Timothy become quiet at this point in the story?

Why does Timothy become quiet at this point in the story? Timothy is thinking about the supplies he and Phillip must carefully ration. Timothy is trying to think of the medical training he had while in Barbados.

What is the moral of The Cay?

The Cay by Theodore Taylor is a story about a boy who survives a shipwreck. The themes of The Cay include a friendship between very different people, overcoming obstacles to accomplish a goal, and personal growth through life experiences.

What language does Timothy speak in The Cay?

Timothy speaks English with a West Indian accent in The Cay. His dialogue is written in dialect, so the spellings of the words he uses are different…

How does Phillip treat Timothy?

Phillip also begins to see through Timothy’s eyes figuratively too. That is, Phillip’s blindness leads him to be more open and empathetic with Timothy and see the world from his perspective. Instead of viewing Timothy as a big scary monster, Phillip begins to treat him like a person. They talk about their pasts.

How old is Timothy in the Cay?

70 years old
Timothy an African American man, who is over 70 years old, working as a deckhand on the S.S. Hato, from St. Thomas islands, grew up with no family and little education. Timothy is kind and caring towards Phillip and teaches him to become independent.

Why did Timothy wake up with a fever?

Fever. It is a morning in mid-May, and Timothy is having trouble breathing. Phillip asks if he is ok, and Timothy says he has fever from malaria. Malaria is a disease that is carried by mosquitoes.

What did Timothy and Phillip hear *?

On their third day on the raft in The Cay, Timothy and Phillip hear an airplane. As they are waiting for another plane or ship, Timothy begins to act as Phillip’s eyes, describing everything he sees.