What company makes Kanati tires?

Greenball Corp.
Kanati Tires, a division of Greenball Corp., has been in the tire business for over 44 years. We’re passionate about developing quality tires that perform great and bring extraordinary value to our customers.

Where are Kanati Mud Hog tires made?

The Trail Hog in 37×12. 50R17 could be had for under $300. Kanati tires is a brand of Greenball Corp, which is an American company, however these tires are made in Indonesia.

Are Kanati tires true to size?

I have the 30/10R-14 10 ply rated kanati Mongrel tires on my side by side. I measured them before bolting them on and they were true to size. They have been an awesome tire and they are DOT approved.

Where are Greenball tires made?

Greenball trailer tires are made by Greensaver, which is a brand sold by Costco. Made in China, Greenball trailer tires have improved their line in recent years, delivering quality, reliable options for all sorts of hauling needs.

Where are radar tires manufactured?

The brand manufactures an extensive catalog of inexpensive, high-quality tires that are designed in its facilities in Singapore. The engineers utilize state-of-the-art equipment, making use of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to produce exquisite designs.

Are Kanati mud hogs good?

Performance on hard-pack, mud, sand, dirt, gravel and rock is very good on this model, and the tires self-clean as well as most any tire in this class. Driving on the street you’ll find competent road manners and ride that is a little more quiet than other M/T tires, although it does put out a hum at highway speeds.

Who makes Costco Greenball tires?

Greenball tires are made by the Greensaver corporation, which is sold through Costco.

Is Radar a good tire?

When it comes to safety and durability, Radar tires are hands-down amongst the very best. The brand incorporates various design elements that help reduce the effects of hydroplaning and boost traction. Further, the tires are manufactured from rugged compound materials that ensure maximum durability.

Are Radar tires made by Michelin?

The Radar Tires brand is owned by Omni United and was launched in 2006.

Why choose Kanati mud hog tires?

Its high void ratio allows for superior debris clear-out and improves the tires’ ability to drain water. The unique 3-ply sidewall reinforces the structural integrity of the Kanati Mud Hog for greater puncture resistance.

What are mud hog tires?

Offerings drivers a surprisingly smooth and quiet ride, the Mud Hog includes a reinforced, 3-ply sidewall for greater puncture resistance. Mud Terrain tires offer drivers traction on off-road terrains such as mud, dirt, sand, gravel, and rock, and are commonly used on CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, and jeeps.

Are mud tires good for off-road?

Hitting trails and mud is a must for some drivers, as off-road adventures allow them to see just how tough their ride and tires are. Fortunately, mud tires are built to give drivers excellent traction off-road, and Kanati’s Mud Hog does that while also offering strong on-road performance.