What colors are the rear speaker wires?

Wiring Harness Color Standards

Wire Color Wire Function
Green Left Rear Speaker (+)
Green with Black Stripe Left Rear Speaker (-)
White Left Front Speaker (+)
White with Black Stripe Left Front Speaker (-)

What do I need to install a car stereo?

connect the ISO connector with the ISO port of the vehicle;

  • connect the ISO connector to the car stereo;
  • install the car stereo into the dashboard,then fix it with the mounting brackets.
  • How to wire a pioneer car stereo?

    Attach the stereo’s black ground wire to a metal bolt or screw located near where the stereo is mounted in the dash. Connect all of the ignition power wires to your Pioneer stereo. Take the harness connector and plug it into your car stereo. Now plug the antenna into the back of your head unit.

    How can I rewire my car stereo system?

    The Right Tools for the Job. There are a few basic tools you will need to get the job done right.

  • Prep Work. You’ll want to start off by removing the wiring harness from the old head unit.
  • Aftermarket Wire Color Code.
  • Something to go by for Factory Wiring.
  • Testing the Wires.
  • Connecting it All Up.
  • Clean Up.
  • Wrap Up.
  • How to install aftermarket car stereo?

    Purchase the Radio. First thing you need to do is measure your current stereo and the space it fits into.

  • Disconnecting the Radio. You must disconnect the negative ground cable from your car battery.
  • Removing the Dash Cover.
  • Wiring Harness.
  • Connecting Your Stereo.
  • Mounting the Stereo.
  • Plugging it In.
  • Putting it in the Slot.
  • Reconnect the Cable