What clarity diamond is best value?

VS2 clarity
Bottom Line: VS2 clarity diamonds offer the best value. VS2 diamonds have small inclusions, but are usually not visible to the naked eye. It will look like a flawless diamond. VS2 diamonds can cost as much as 15% less than Flawless clarity grades.

Is s12 clarity diamond good?

Is SI2 diamond clarity good? SI2 diamonds tend to have more imperfections and more noticeable inclusions than better grades like SI1 and VS2, but sometimes you can find an eye-clean stone. If you can find an eye-clean SI2 diamond, you’ll get the most for your budget.

Is Diamond Clarity 11 good?

There are 11 clarity grades in the GIA system of diamond grading. They are Flawless, Internally Flawless, two categories of Very Slightly Included, two categories of Slightly Included, and three categories of Included.

Is VS1 clarity good?

For people who are on a budget and are conscious about clarity, VS1 diamonds are great options to consider when shopping for diamond jewelry. The VS1 grade provides good value for money and lies in a sweet spot on the clarity scale with very minor inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye.

Is I1 12 clarity good?

I1 diamonds fall on the low end of the Clarity scale. It ends up being a phenomenal deal for a one carat diamond. I1 Diamond with visible inclusions. Instead, we recommend going for a clarity grade like VS2 or SI1, because you can get an eye-clean diamond but pay far less than you would for a VVS or an FL diamond.

Is H1 clarity good in a diamond?

An H1 in color is very good. It means the rock is near colorless. Buying an I1 H1 diamond is not a good idea since commerical grade diamonds have little or no secondary value.

What is the highest grade for diamond clarity?

The Best Diamond Clarity Grade Technically, flawless (FL) is the best clarity of a diamond because it means the diamond does not have any inclusions or blemishes, even under 10x magnification.

What clarity grade should you choose for your Diamond?

Generally, the best diamond clarity grade for your money is VS-1 or VS-2 . Within these grades you will almost certainly have a diamond without blemishes noticeable to the naked eye (as long as they are GIA/AGS graded).

How to improve diamond clarity?

Laser drilling

  • Fracture filling
  • Internal laser treatment
  • What is the best color and clarity for a diamond?

    Diamond color ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow in color). Colorless diamonds allow more light and so show more sparkle and fire than other diamonds. Clarity. The clarity of a diamond is a measure of the diamond’s faults, known as inclusions.