What can you do with dried curry leaves?

4 Ways to Use Curry Leaves in Cooking

  1. Sauté in ghee. Sauté and soften the curry leaves in ghee (clarified butter).
  2. Make tadka. The most popular way to use curry leaves is to make “tadka”—an aromatic base used throughout Indian cuisine.
  3. Dry them.
  4. Flavor oil with curry leaves.

Can I use dried curry leaves?

Dried curry leaves keep well but are less flavourful than fresh ones. If using dried curry leaves remember to compensate for the loss of flavour by adding more leaves to your pot. You can find curry leaves at Indian shops or Asian grocery stores.

How many dried curry leaves should I use?

Most dishes call for about 8 to 10 curry leaves, though always follow the recipe to ensure your dish will be flavored properly. Wrap unused leaves in a damp paper towel and keep them in the fridge. They won’t last for more than a week, so try to use them before they go bad.

How do you rehydrate curry leaves?


  1. Remove the leaves from the stalk and wash them thoroughly in a colander.
  2. Place the wet leaves on a kitchen towel and gently pat them with the towel to remove excess water.
  3. Place the leaves on a large tray or thali and spread them in a single layer.
  4. Depending on the weather, the leaves will dry in 2-3 days.

Can dried curry leaves be used instead of fresh?

The curry leaf dries easily and will hold its flavour, generally use about half the number of fresh as dried leaves in a dish.

Are curry leaves poisonous?

HYDEARABAD: The ubiquitous curry leaf, which is a must-have in every south Indian kitchen, might actually be a silent killer. Agricultural scientists have warned that the commercially-cultivated curry leaves are laced with poisonous pesticides that cause cancer and lead to health problems in the long run.

Can you use dry curry leaves instead of fresh?

How long do dried curry leaves last?

2-3 months
If you have an abundance of curry leaves and don’t plan on using all of them within the time they are fresh, you can dry them- dried curry leaves stay good for 2-3 months! Spread the curry leaves in a plate or baking tray. Let them air dry for 2-3 days on the counter or in the refrigerator.

What happens if you eat curry leaves everyday?

Chewing raw curry leaves or drinking a cup of curry leaves tea every day can prevent weight gain and reduce body cholesterol. It helps in cleansing the body by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. It also helps in burning unwanted fat, thus promoting weight loss.

Can you rehydrate dried leaves?

Microwave the Leaves Place the sandwiched leaves on a microwavable dish, and put them in the microwave. Microwave for 30 seconds at medium heat, and check the leaves. If the leaves are not yet dry, keep microwaving in 30-second intervals until they are dry.

Do curry leaves taste like curry powder?

Are curry leaves and curry powder the same? No, not at all. You cannot substitute curry powder for curry leaves. Curry leaves have a distinct flavor that’s unlike any other herb or spice.

Why are curry leaves banned in America?

Curry leaf is a restricted item because it is known to harbor pests associated with citrus diseases. the U.S. This pest harms citrus trees. Also found within the prohibited curry leaves was Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama Liviidae).