What can I plant with snowdrop?

Hellebores (Helleborus) are great snowdrop partners since they share the same flowering time and growing conditions. Their leaves will spread in the summer to cover the dormant bulbs and give them a cool dry rest.

Can you plant over snowdrops?

Snowdrop flower bulbs are dormant by late spring and will rest underground until next year. To avoid any accidental disturbance, you can try planting ferns or hosta next to the snowdrops in late spring. The summer growth from these plants will conceal the bare spaces over the dormant snowdrop bulbs.

Can I plant crocus and snowdrops together?

You simply can’t go wrong. Plant alliums, daffodils, scillas, crocus, muscari, snowdrops, winter aconites (Eranthis), erythronium, outdoor hyacinths and lilies in September and October. The rule of thumb is to plant them between twice and three times the depth of the bulb. A small trowel or bulb planter is useful.

Will snowdrops grow in clay soil?

Many snowdrops thrive on clay soil, especially if split and replanted when the clumps become crowded. ‘Straffan’ is unusual in that every bulb produces two flower stems each season, one taller than the other and one after the other, so the display is extended significantly.

How deep should snowdrops be planted?

about 10 cms deep
Plant Snowdrop bulbs about 10 cms deep, which is a little over 3 x the bulb depth, which is a handy rule of thumb for planting all bulbs. Ideal in semi shade with well drained a mulch of leaf mould will help to retain moisture. Planting the bulbs a little deeper can also help to prevent the bulbs drying out.

How deep should I plant snowdrop bulbs?

Plant your snowdrops at the level that they were planted before they were lifted, which you’ll see from where the leaves turn white. This will be at a depth of about 10cm (4in). Space them about 10cm (4in) apart. For natural looking drifts, cast the bulbs across the planting area and plant them where they land.

When should you split snowdrops?

After they’ve flowered, around March, is the ideal time to divide snowdrops and replant the results to create large, natural-looking drifts in woodland gardens and shady borders.

How do you plant snowdrops and crocus?

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Are snowdrops crocuses?

They seem to be shouting, “Hello! Happy spring!” While Snowdrops are a bit dangly and droopy. Even white Crocuses are a gleaming, happy white, while the white of Snowdrops is more subdued. Snowdrops from last year blooming among the dried Hydrangea flowers.

How do snowdrops and bluebells grow?

As the year turns, sunshine warms the soil and plants that spent the winter as bulbs below ground, race to make use of the light before the oak trees can regrow their leaves. First to flower are the snowdrops, but as spring proceeds and the sunlight strengthens the bluebells take over.