What Blaster killed General Grievous?

During the Clone Wars, General Grievous wielded a custom DT-57 “Annihilator”, dubbed “Grievance Striker”, in conjunction with the many lightsabers of his personal collection, stolen from Jedi he had defeated during the war. The weapon was turned on its owner when Obi-Wan Kenobi used it to kill Grievous on Utapau.

Do Jedi use guns?

A true Jedi relies only on his skill with the powerful ligthsaber. Not on other uncivilized weapons, as they view them. They dont carry around grenades or blasters or rocket launchers. They only use them in EXTREME situations where a lightsaber is not readily available.

Why does Obi Wan hate blasters?

Probably because the Lightsaber is quite a rare and elegant weapon that requires a great deal of attention and lots of skills and training to be used properly. A blaster in comparison would seem quite inferior. Another thing to note, a lightsaber is quite powerful against a blaster if the wielder is experienced enough.

What is grievance Star Wars?

The Grievance Striker was a custom DT-57 “Annihilator” blaster owned by Separatist General Grievous during the Clone Wars. The oils preserving Grievous’ remaining biological components ignited, incinerating the famed cyborg from the inside and finally destroying him.

What blasters do Shoretroopers use?

Armor and equipment A shoretrooper squad leader Shoretroopers wielded both the E-11 blaster rifle and the upgraded E-22 double barrel blaster rifle while stationed on Scarif.

Why don’t Jedi use double sided lightsabers?

A double-bladed lightsaber (saberstaff) isn’t an inherently Sith design, but has been long associated with them. One of the reasons that not very many Jedi use it is because it is an exotic weapon that only a few can teach (according to The Jedi Path).

Can Jedi wear armor?

Armor-clad Jedi were a common sight on the battlefields of the New Sith Wars, while the ancient Jedi of the era of the Old Sith Wars would often wear parts of armor to protect certain areas of their bodies, as would many Jedi of the New Sith Wars era.

Why does Obi-Wan have an accent?

Obi Wan Kenobi was played by Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor. They were/are British and spoke/speak with a British Accent. Yoda was played (spoken) by Frank Oz. He was American and spoke with an American Accent.

Is Only a Sith deals in absolutes and absolute?

Yes. The phrase “Only a Sith deals in absolutes” is, in itself, an absolute. If it were true, Obi-Wan and most of the Jedi Order would be Sith. The Jedi Order was corrupt and hypocritical, which is the real reason Anakin turned against it.