What are topics in AI?

The topics in artificial intelligence are:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Neural Networks.
  • Evolutionary Computation.
  • Computer Vision.
  • Robotics.
  • Expert Systems.
  • Speech Processing.
  • Natural Language Processing, and.

What should I research in AI?

8 Best Topics for Research and Thesis in Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Reinforcement Learning.
  • Robotics.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Computer Vision.
  • Recommender Systems.
  • Internet of Things.

What is the latest artificial intelligence?

Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies

  • Natural language generation. Machines process and communicate in a different way than the human brain.
  • Speech recognition.
  • Virtual agents.
  • Biometrics.
  • Machine learning.
  • Robotic process automation.
  • Peer-to-peer network.
  • Deep learning platforms.

What are the prominent research trends are there in AI?

AI customer support and assistance, data access enabling ubiquity, predictive anaylises , enhanced customisation, real time marketing activities and AI powered chariots are the top artificial intelligence trends this year.

What are the four main areas of artificial intelligence?

There are four types of artificial intelligence: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-awareness.

  • Reactive machines.
  • Limited memory.
  • Theory of mind.
  • Self-awareness.

Who is leading AI research?

IBM Cloud. IBM has been a leader in the field of artificial intelligence since the 1950s. Its efforts in recent years center around IBM Watson, an AI-based cognitive service, AI software as a service, and scale-out systems designed for delivering cloud-based analytics and AI services.

What is AI researcher?

AI researchers explore new ways and create new systems of solving-problems, while data scientists tweak and apply these systems in real-world scenarios. Thus a team of AI researchers can create an AI system that can potentially be used by hundreds of data scientists in different situations.

What can AI do now 2021?

As we move into a new year, we bring you the top 10 AI innovation trends of 2021.

  • Adding Intelligence to RPA.
  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
  • AI for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.
  • AI with the Internet of Things (AIoT)
  • Machine Learning for Amateurs.
  • Advancements in Computer Vision.
  • AI-Infused Chatbots.

What is the best AI 2021?

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software (AI Software Reviews In…

  • Comparison Table of AI Software.
  • #1) Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.
  • #2) Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • #3) TensorFlow.
  • #4) H2O.AI.
  • #5) Cortana.
  • #6) IBM Watson.
  • #7) Salesforce Einstein.

What is AI research?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of heuristic algorithms that solve “difficult” (e.g., NP) problems. AI algorithms are characterized by the search that they perform of alternative solutions, and the knowledge that they exploit (e.g., obtained from a domain expert) to focus the search on promising solutions.