What are the subjects in M Pharm?

M. Pharm Pharmaceutics Syllabus

Semester 1 Semester 2
Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques Molecular Pharmaceutics
Drug Delivery Advanced Biopharmaceutics
Regulatory Affairs Computer-Aided Drug Delivery System
Modern Pharmaceutics Cosmetic and Cosmeceuticals

Which M Pharm subject is best?

Scope of M. Pharm In Various Subjects

  • Pharmacology. Scope after M.
  • Medicinal Chemistry. One of the favoured subject for M.
  • Pharmaceutics. If you are interested in production field this is the subject you should choose.
  • Pharmacognosy.
  • Pharmacovigilance.
  • Biotechnology Or Microbiology.
  • Hospital Pharmacy.
  • Teaching.

Can we do M Pharm after 12th?

Pharm is 4 year UG degree course in Pharmacy. The basic eligibility to pursue this course is 10+2 with PCB or PCM. After graduation, one can go for higher studies in this field. Master’s in Pharmacy (M.

Which is best pharmaceutics or pharmacology?

Pharmaceutics gives you a larger scope to work for Industrial (Manufacturing/Packaging) sector. Pharmacology helps you enter in lab work like preclinical/clinical testing, opportunities in MNC as subject matter experts etc. Opportunities are more for pharmaceutics professionals as there are more manufacturing units.

What is the salary of M pharmacy?

M Pharmacy Jobs & Salary

Job Position Average Salary Highest Salary
Pharmacist INR 2.5 LPA INR 4 LPA
Pharmacotherapist INR 5 LPA INR 8 LPA
Medical Representatives INR 2.73 LPA INR 5 LPA
Clinical Research Associate INR 3.5 LPA INR 7 LPA

What is M form course?

Master of Pharmacy or M. Pharm is a two-year postgraduate pharmacy course for those who seek research and high-level jobs in the field of pharmacy. The course covers advanced topics in this field and with the process of turning a new chemical element into medicines or compounds that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Is M Pharm in pharmacology good?

As mentioned above, M. Pharm (Pharmacology) is also among the best degrees in the present times. This implies that they are in-demand and have a voluminous future scope. Consequently, it becomes important for all the aspirants to learn what jobs and career opportunities await them if they complete M.

What can I do after M Pharm in pharmacology?

Career in Pharmacy after Post Graduation (M. Pharm)

  • For Higher studies: After a M.
  • Clinical research: They can work as CP.
  • Production: Large rate of vacancies are appearing in pharma industries for production.
  • Scientists: Pharma graduates can absorb as scientist in R&D and F&D.

What are jobs after M Pharmacy?

M Pharmacy Jobs & Salary

Job Position Average Salary Highest Salary
Regulatory Affairs Associate INR 3.3 LPA INR 5.49 LPA
Research Scientist INR 6.67 LPA INR 15 LPA
IP (Intellectual Property) Analyst INR 5.49 LPA INR 7.32 LPA
Quality Control Manager INR 7.06 LPA INR 10.1 LPA

How long is MPharm?

2 years
(Master of Pharmacy) is a postgraduate academic degree which is awarded for a course or program in the medical field of Pharmacy. Pharmacy is the branch of the health sciences dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of drugs. The duration of Master Degree in Pharmacy is 2 years.