What are the stops on the 4 train?

Manhattan stations

Subway Station Entrance and Exit Location(s)
125 St E 125 St and Lexington Ave
86 St E 86 St and Lexington Ave
59 St E 60 St and Lexington Ave, E 59 St and Lexington Ave, E 60 St and 3rd Ave
Grand Central 42 St Park Ave and E 42 St, Lexington Ave and E 42 St, E 42 St between Park Ave and Lexington Ave

How often does the 4 train run?

4 subway operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Who is train number 4?

Peter Sam (Number 4) 4) is named after Mr. Peter Sam (better known as The Thin Controller), the manager of the Skarloey Railway.

How fast is 4 train?

In certain instances, the city’s MTA is also allowing trains to speed up in between stations. No. 4 and 5 trains are now traveling 35 mph between Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Museum. More than 20 new locations have received speed limit increases since the last time transit officials updated the program on Jan.

When was the 4 train built?

Under the Interborough Rapid Transit. Service on what was later known as the 4 began on June 2, 1917, as the first portion of the IRT Jerome Avenue Line opened between 149th Street—Grand Concourse and Kingsbridge Road.

How old is the 4 train?

Who is No 4 in Thomas the Tank engine?

Gordon is the No. 4 blue engine who pulls the express. As the senior member of the engine family, he is the fastest and most powerful of The Fat Controller’s team – and he knows it.

Who is the dark green train on Thomas?

He is not seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Henry is a green mixed-traffic tender engine that works on the Main Line, numbered 3. He was originally a prototype engine that needed special Welsh coal to operate properly.

Was there ever a 9 train in NYC?

The 9 operated during rush hour periods from 1989 to 2005, as a variant of the 1, providing service between Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street in Riverdale, Bronx, and South Ferry in Lower Manhattan. …