What are the metal things in folders for?

To help you better sort and organize your documents and notes, this folder has two pockets on either side on the inside. It also features three metal claps located along the inner spine for the purpose of securing three-hole-punched documents. There is a business card slot included on the right-side pocket.

What are folders with fasteners?

Smead end tab fastener folders are a favorite choice for securing and organizing documents inside the folder. Smead fastener folders are available in a wide selection of materials and colors to bring efficiency to your shelf filing system.

What is a pronged folder?

Prong folders are available with three prongs, located along the spine of the folder, or two prongs located at the top of the folder. Two-pronged folders are used most often for medical and legal paperwork. Insert paper that fits within the folder to keep it the most protected.

What are prong fasteners used for?

Prong fasteners, also called paper fasteners, are a two-piece tool that is used to secure a stack of paper with two punched holes together. Very popular for filing, especially in medical offices, these prong fasteners are made of a silver tempered steel and come in either 3″ or 3 ½” capacities.

What is a pressboard folder?

Smead’s Pressboard File Folders keep your documents orderly with the added feature of color to help speed your filing. Includes 25 letter-size (11-3/4” W x 9-1/2” H overall, 9” H body) pressboard folders with 1/3-cut tabs in assorted positions. Sturdy 25 point pressboard stock keeps papers intact.

What are laminated folders?

Staples laminated document folders have two pockets that can be used to hold papers, brochures, leaflets, and other materials, making them ideal for presentations to clients. Each one also includes a handy space for your business card. The laminated construction gives these folders a professional appearance.

How many pages can a 3-prong folder hold?

3 metal-prong fasteners hold up to 100 sheets. Twin pockets hold up to 35 sheets.

What does 3-prong folder mean?

3-prong fastener secures documents/papers. PROTECT YOUR PAPERS. A 2-pocket portfolios with 3-prong fasteners, keeps your school work or office documents in order. Each folder can hold ample paper, making it essential to stay organized.

What are brads assorted colors?

According to the manufacturer, the AXF99811 – Two Pocket Portfolio, Tang Fastener Assorted colors comes with 5 each of the following colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow. There are 25 folders total per box.

What is a vinyl folder?

Vinyl folders are an excellent alternative to paper stock folder when durability and protection are important or when a strong first impression is desired. Vinyl folders let you file your documents with a high quality protective material and a seemingly limitless list of options.