What are figures with the same shape but different size?

Two figures are called congruent if they are the same shape and the same size. Two figures are called similar if they are the same shape, but different sizes. More formally, two shapes are similar if they have congruent angles, and corresponding sides are proportional.

When two figures are the same shape and size even if they have a different orientation?

If two figures are congruent, then they’re exactly the same shape, and they’re exactly the same size. They may appear different because one is shifted or rotated a certain way, but they’re still the same shape, and all the sides of one are the same length as the corresponding sides of the other.

When two triangles are the same shape but not the same size they are?

Two triangles are said to be similar if their corresponding angles are congruent and the corresponding sides are in proportion . In other words, similar triangles are the same shape, but not necessarily the same size. The triangles are congruent if, in addition to this, their corresponding sides are of equal length.

Can similar figures be the same size?

Similar figures are always the same shape, but not the same size. They have equal angles but not equal side lengths. When two shapes are similar, their corresponding sides are proportional (see ratios and proportions).

How can you tell if two figures are congruent?

Two polygons are congruent if they are the same size and shape – that is, if their corresponding angles and sides are equal.

What does Cpoctac mean?

corresponding parts of congruent triangles
The notion that corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent will be used so often that it will be abbreviated CPOCTAC. It will play a crucial role in proving the congruence of line segments and angles.

What is the difference between similarity and congruency?

The difference between congruence and similarity of triangles is that similar shapes can be resized versions of the same shape, whereas congruent figures have identical lengths.

What characteristics do figures with different sizes need to have in order to maintain the same shape?

Similarity. In order for two figures to be similar, they must have congruent (equal) corresponding angle measures and proportional sides. Dilations create similar figures because multiplying by the scale factor creates proportional sides while leaving the angle measure and the shape the same.

Can similar figures be different?

Similarity of Geometrical Figures Some figures look identical except they are different sizes. When you have figures that are proportional to each other, you call these figures similar figures. Similar figures have the same angle measures but different side lengths.

What happens if two figures are similar?

Two figures are said to be similar if they are the same shape. In more mathematical language, two figures are similar if their corresponding angles are congruent , and the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal. This common ratio is called the scale factor .