What app is replacing Wunderlist?

Todoist is another very well known to-do list app, and is definitely one of the apps you can consider using as a Wunderlist replacement. Similar to Wunderlist, Todoist is also free to download and use.

Is Wunderlist discontinued?

Unfortunately, Wunderlist shut down in 2020, much to the disappointment of its users. But don’t mourn! If you’re looking for a tool that does what it did, there’s hope. Read on to learn exactly what happened, and to get our recommendations on a quality task management software to replace Wunderlist.

Why did Microsoft shut down Wunderlist?

Microsoft says it decided to now move to close down Wunderlist because it has stopped releasing new features for the app and, as the app ages, it will become more difficult to maintain. In addition, it wants to at last focus its full energies on making its To Do app the best alternative to Wunderlist.

What is the meaning of Wunderlist?

wanderlust Add to list Share. A strong desire to travel is called wanderlust. If you dream of backpacking through Europe and then taking a quick spin through southeast Asia, you have wanderlust.

How do I recover my data from wunderlist?

Follow these steps to download your data into a JSON format:

  1. Login to Wunderlist.
  2. On the top left, click on your avatar.
  3. Scroll to ‘Account Settings’ as shown in image above.
  4. Click ‘Create Backup’ from an account backup.
  5. Once a backup is created you can press the ‘Click to Download’ button.

Is Outlook tasks going away?

That means, as an Outlook.com user, you now only have access to To-Do and your old tasks are now imported into the To-Do module. The Tasks module is essentially gone.

Is Microsoft to do good?

Microsoft To Do is a fantastic add-on for your team Sure you can share these lists with others and attach them to certain tasks, but there is so much more to project management than that. At the end of the day, this tool can’t take the place of a full project management platform and it shouldn’t have to.

Who invented Wunderlist?

Christian Reber, founder of the beloved productivity application Wunderlist, announced today that he’s got a new company called Superlist in the works.

Is Todoist better than Microsoft?

Unlike Todoist, Microsoft To-Do turns subtasks into “Steps” (a.k.a. “checklist”) for a parent task. Each step can have its own due dates and notes. “My Day” feature. The difference is that Microsoft To-Do’s “My Day” view starts out empty and lets you manually add tasks to the list.