Was not copied to the iPhone because it Cannot be played on this iPhone?

Step 1: On your iPhone, navigate to the “Settings” menu and then, scroll down to open the “Music”. Step 2: After that, disable the “iTunes Music Library” option and then, again try to sync the iTunes files to iPhone.

Why is my iPhone timing out?

The reason your iPhone keeps dimming and turning off is because of a feature called “Auto-Lock,” which automatically puts the iPhone into a sleep/lock mode after a certain period of time. Two-thirds of the way through the set period, the screen dims to half brightness. To fix it, we need to turn “Auto-Lock” off.

How do I make my iTunes recognize my iPhone?

7 Simple Tricks to Get iTunes to Recognize an iOS Device

  1. Quit and relaunch iTunes.
  2. Connect the iOS device to a different USB port on the computer.
  3. Reboot the iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Use a different syncing cable (if possible)
  6. Reinstall iTunes (read how below)

What is error code 54 in Valorant?

54. Content service failure. VALORANT was unable to retrieve your content. Go ahead and restart the Riot Client.

What does it mean when iTunes says -54?

About iTunes Sync Error (-54) This sync error 54 is one common iTunes problem people may face when updating PC to a new Windows operating system. And most of people think this iTunes sync error is related to authorization and administration issues-computer doesn’t permit unauthorized users to sync some data to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

What are iTunes errors 14 error 50 39 and 54?

When using iTunes to backup, restore or sync your iPhone, iPad, you may face a lot of issues, such as iTunes error 14, error 50, 39 and 54. When you try to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with your computer, you might see a message that says: “The iPhone 7/8/x/11 cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)”.

How to fix iPhone cannot sync with iTunes -54 error?

After trying solutions mentioned, if your iPhone still cannot be synced due to unknown error occurred (-54), you can try some iTunes alternative, like AnyTrans for iOS. It allows you to sync data between iPhone and iTunes without effort.

Why am I getting error -54 when syncing with my computer?

If you see error -54 when you sync with your computer. If your content doesn’t sync, consolidate your iTunes Library files and check for issues with third-party security software.