Should you let Kasumi destroy the Graybox?

Kasumi destroys the graybox If you convince Kasumi that it’s a better idea to destroy the graybox, ensuring she’s no longer a target, she’ll have trouble doing it. You can do it for her, or you can convince her it’s better she does it herself, but it will be destroyed, and she won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Should I destroy or keep Kasumi?

Mass Effect players that wish to free Kasumi from the memory of Keiji Okuda are thus advised to destroy the graybox, though the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

What was in the Graybox?

The information within Keiji’s graybox is revealed to be incriminating evidence of an Alliance black ops raid on a batarian research station possessing Reaper technology. The raid turned into a massacre, but the Alliance returned empty-handed and they faked a power failure to hide the incident.

Is Kasumi Romanceable Mass Effect?

To get right to it, there is simply no way to romance Kasumi Goto in this critically-acclaimed action RPG from BioWare. In fact, the options for interacting with Kasumi are generally quite limited, as they are with Zaeed Massani, another of Mass Effect 2’s DLC squad members.

Is Kasumi in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Kasumi isn’t the only DLC crewmate featured in the franchise, and the other two – Zaeed Massani in Mass Effect 2 and Javik in Mass Effect 3 – are also included in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Both Kasumi and Zaeed behave almost identically to other members of Shepard’s squad.

How do you get Kasumi loyal?

After taking out the gunship along with several waves of enemies on the ground, Kasumi’s loyalty can be earned after telling her what to do with the graybox you came to find. No matter what you decide, she will be loyal upon completing the mission.

Who voices Kasumi Mass Effect?

Kym Hoy
Kasumi Goto is voiced by Kym Hoy.

When can I romance Kasumi?

If you want to romance Kasumi, make sure you get her to Rank 5 before the 18th November. You then have to continue hanging out with her during the new semester in Persona 5 Royal. You’ll get the chance to romance her once her confidant rank is high enough.