Is vermouth a wine or liquor?

Vermouth is an aromatized wine with herbs, spices, barks, flowers, seeds, roots and other botanicals, fortified with distilled alcohol to keep it from spoiling as quickly. Believed to be one of the oldest forms of alcoholic libation, vermouth gets its name from wermut, the German word for wormwood.

What is vermouth South Africa?

Vermouth is a fortified sweetened wine, red, white and sometimes pink. Currently, in South Africa there is but one commercial Vermouth Caperitif, brought to us by A.A.Badenhorst Family Wines near Malmsbury in the Western Cape.

What is vermouth Spain?

Spanish vermouth is white wine that is fortified with herbs, spices, and botanicals, and then left to age in barrels until it is just right. Typically, vermouth has hints of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and finishes sweet, but not too much so.

Is vermouth drunk alone?

Long the sideman, vermouth breaks out as a solo act. Vermouth is more potion than drink. The ultimate cocktail builder (see Martinis and Manhattans) was originally used as a medicinal tonic, with spices and botanicals like wormwood—the German “wermut” inspired the name.

Is there alcohol in vermouth?

Vermouth is fortified with additional alcohol (usually grape brandy), meaning they’re higher proof than most wines, but nevertheless they are still moderately low-proof, about 15–18% alcohol by volume.

What can you substitute for vermouth?

Best dry vermouth substitute

  1. Dry white wine. The best dry vermouth substitute? Dry white wine. Any variety of dry white is a great match for flavor, though dry vermouth is a little less punchy in its flavor.
  2. Lillet Blanc. Another great dry vermouth substitute? Lillet Blanc.
  3. Sake. A final dry vermouth substitute? Sake.

How do you drink vermouth like a Spaniard?

Spanish vermouth is served neat, chilled and over ice. Then it’s garnished with a wedge of orange or lemon and an olive. Some Spaniards like to add a splash of sifón, or club soda, which opens up the aromatic flavors and enhances how refreshing the drink is, especially on a summer’s day.

How is vermouth served in Barcelona?

Vermouth is usually served in very small glasses or tumblers, with a large ice cube, a slice of orange and olive—sometimes stuffed with an anchovy. Alongside the vermouth, the bar staff will generally offer you a sifón, or bottle of carbonated water, which you may choose to top up your vermouth with.

Is vermouth like gin?

Like gin, vermouth is created by macerating a blend of botanicals in alcohol, with each producer closely guarding its own secret recipe. Vermouth in fact takes its name from the German name of one key botanical, Wermut, or wormwood, a bitter, medicinal herb that is also a key component in absinthe.

Why is vermouth so popular?

So why is vermouth so often found in cocktails? Versatility. There are few other ingredients that can combine such a range of flavor, aroma and textural profiles into a single pour. Vermouth allows you to create a cocktail that gives the impression of a staggering number of ingredients, using fewer bottles.