Is this guide still applicable to Quake Live?

Most of it is still entirely applicable to Quake Live, but QL has added a lot since, and removed some unnecessary things also. Always a work in progress. This guide is many many hours of my work, and I retain the rights to it, please do not repost simply link back to this original, especially as any repost would become out of date.

What is a vert in Quake?

Vert – Short for ‘Vertical’ in Quake you can only look so far up before it locks. A shot that hits from this position fully locked up is a ‘vert’. The most impressive shots to pull off. Especially If the opponent is far away, and you RG, RL them or PG/LG pin/carry them maintaining the vert using strafe to keep hitting.

How do I run Quake from the command line?

To set up command-line options for a Steam-launched Quake engine: In the Steam client, go to your Library and find Quake in the list of installed games. Get the context menu for that Quake item (in Windows: right-click on it) and select Properties at the bottom of that menu. This opens the Properties dialog.

Should I get QuakeWorld or NetQuake for multiplayer?

If you’re going to get into Quake multiplayer, you’ll probably want to get familiar with the difference between QuakeWorld and NetQuake, as described in the Quake Engines guide. Although if you intend to play over an internet connection that isn’t the best, then QuakeWorld may be your only real option.

Where can I find Quake Live on Steam?

Locate “quakelive_steam.exe” via properties on Quake Live in your Steam Library -> Local Files -> Browser Local Files. You might not see the ‘.exe’ part depending on Operating System settings.

How to make Quake Live run better on Windows 8?

Right click quakelive_steam.exe and in the compatibility tab you should disable “Fullscreen Optimizations” by ticking that option, and then you may get the game to start more reliably by setting Windows 8 compatibility mode, or setting it to run as Administrator.

What is the best mouse for Quake Live?

The Ultimate Quake Live Guide. 1 Razer Deathadder 2013. 2 Zowie FK2. 3 Zowie FK1. 4 Logitec g9x. 5 Steelseries Xai. 6 Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a (WMO) 7 Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1a (IMO) 8 Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer v3 (IE 3)