Is the Marlin X7 any good?

Marlin is probably best known for its underlever actions and rimfires in the USA, rather than for hunting rifles. I have been told they are good value for money, and more importantly, that their accuracy is ‘just darn good’!

Does Marlin still make the XL7?

Marlin’s new XL7 is an entry-level rifle that doesn’t know it’s an entry-level rifle. Late last year, though, Marlin made the decision to revisit the centerfire bolt-action rifle market with the new XL7.

What is Marlin X7?

The X7’s most notable feature is the Marlin designed Pro-Fire Trigger. In the center of the trigger there’s an actuator or release, which has come to be called a “passive safety.” This actuator prevents the rifle from firing unless it is pressed with the trigger.

Does Marlin make a 308 lever action?

As introduced in Hornady’s LEVERevolution line of cartridges, it is the highest velocity production cartridge designed for lever action rifles with tubular magazines….

.308 Marlin Express
Case length 1.910 in (48.5 mm)
Overall length 2.600 in (66.0 mm)
Primer type Win. Large Rifle
Ballistic performance

Whats the difference between 308 win and 308 Marlin?

The 308 Marlin is a semi-rimmed case and was designed exclusively to work in a Marlin lever action rifle based on the Marlin 336 action. The 308 Winchester is a rimless round and fits standard bolt action, semi-auto and fully automatic rifles. The two cartridges are completely different.

What’s the difference between 308 Marlin Express and 308 Winchester?

308 Marlin Express is a rimmed version of the . 308 Winchester except the case is, according to my caliper, . 095 inch shorter in length. The shorter case has about 3.5 percent less capacity, but Hornady more than makes up for the difference by loading the same type of special propellant in the .

Does Savage Axis have threaded barrel?

This rifle is equipped with a carbon steel threaded heavy barrel with a matte finish, as well as an ergonomic synthetic stock with a soft recoil pad.

Is the Marlin x7y a good rifle?

The Marlin X7 range of rifles come in short and long actions, chambered in calibres from .22-250 to .30-06. For the review, I had the X7Y Short action model in .243, but it is also available in 7mm-08 and .308 Win. It is fitted with a lightweight synthetic stock as standard – when tapped lightly, it sounded hollow and ‘plasticy’.

How many rounds can a Marlin XL7 hold?

The XL7 by Marlin has an internal top loading magazine that holds 4 rounds, and of course the ability to add another round to the chamber makes the grand total capacity 5. It has a nice safety that clearly identifies the guns status as either red (round in chamber) or not red (no round in chamber).

Will the XL7 be a barn-burner for Marlin?

When reviewing the then-new Marlin XL7 a couple of years ago for Shooting Times (Bargain Beauty) , I did not make any grand predictions that the rifle would be a barn-burner in terms of sales for Marlin or upend the rifle world as we know it. I merely said it “offers riflemen a lot for their money,” and my guess was that it would sell well.

Is Marlin’s XL7 a winner in the centerfire market?

Marlin’s lever action 336 is an old favorite in many deer woods, but they have had some problems during quite a few tries to enter the bolt action centerfire rifle market. It appears that Marlin may have found a winner in its Model XL7.