Is Kalbarri worth visiting?

Kalbarri Town Kalbarri is definitely worth a visit. The town itself is quiet, but beautiful. It sits on the edge of the snaking Murchison River being a backdrop through to the mountains behind. It’s the first part of green you see after coming out of the top end, so your eyes will feast in the prettiness.

Is Kalbarri skywalk free?

Kalbarri Skywalk entry fee and prices for the inland gorge sites cost $15 per vehicle (carrying up to 12 passengers) and an $8 fee for concession holders. All coastal sites of the National Park are free to visit. You can collect entry tickets at the front gate or at the visitors information centre.

How long should you stay in Kalbarri?

How Long to Stay at Kalbarri National Park. Bearing in mind that Kalbarri National Park is quite easy to access and compact, I’d suggest 1 or 2 nights there would be perfect.

Is Kalbarri good for kids?

Kalbarri is only a few hours drive from Perth CBD. This makes it a fantastic family friendly destination for a holiday. Likewise, stop for a bite at a family friendly restaurant or cafe. Let the kids play and have fun while you relax and enjoy your meal.

When can you see whales in Kalbarri?

Kalbarri witnesses the annual migration of Humpback whales from approximately June to November. An estimated 35,000 whales travel along our coastline on their round trip between Antarctica and the warm waters of Camden Sound along the Kimberley Coast.

Is there crocodiles in Kalbarri?

Yep, only in Australia, where everything tries to kill you. Made it to the base of the Murchison River. This is where I asked my boyfriend whether there were crocodiles in the river here, and he looked at me oddly.

How many pubs are there in Kalbarri?

Map of KALBARRI, WA, showing 2 Pubs/Hotels/Bars/Taverns. Listing all 2 Pubs/Bars/Taverns/Hotels in KALBARRI, WA: Gilgai Tavern. Kalbarri Motor Hotel.

What is the best time to visit Kalbarri?

The best time to visit Kalbarri Park is in the winter months of June to August. The temperature is quite bearable during this time and also the natural views are a sight to behold. This period is generally considered as the peak season throughout the year, and lots of people with families and kids in tow are common.

Are flies bad in Kalbarri?

Flies are generally bad everywhere and we have good days and bad days as you suggest. Aeroguard and closed mouths plus a good leafy twig work wonders 🙂 Inland will probably be worse.

What is there to do in Kalbarri for kids?

Pink Lake. 621. Bodies of Water. By tiffanysF9203NE.

  • Red Bluff. 363. Lookouts.
  • Rainbow Jungle. 579. Zoos.
  • Island Rock & Natural Bridge. 159. Lookouts • Geologic Formations.
  • Kalbarri Visitor Centre. 470. Visitor Centres.
  • Murchison River. 178. Bodies of Water.
  • Big River Ranch. 151. Ranches.
  • Kalbarri Pelican Feeding. 123. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • What can you see in Kalbarri National Park?

    There are two sides to the park: the coastal park is where you will see the stunning Kalbarri cliffs and the Inland Park is the home of wildflowers, striking rock formations and dramatic gorges. Kalbarri National Park has some excellent sealed roads and driving around is very easy. If the weather in Kalbarri is sunny, expect some of these views!

    How many days do you need in Kalbarri?

    Honestly, you could spend two days to a week here depending on your preferences and how much time you have available. If you’re here to just see the two national parks, then you would only need 2 days in Kalbarri in our opinion. Use this list to create your own custom itinerary for things to do in Kalbarri.

    Is Rainbow jungle Kalbarri the perfect family-friendly destination?

    Kalbarri is the perfect family-friendly destination, located in the northern region of Western Australia. Experience the beautiful wildlife at Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri, before heading to the shoreline to feed the local Pelicans. Open 7 days a week, Kalbarri’s Rainbow Jungle has countless activities to keep kids occupied all day long.

    What are the best restaurants in Kalbarri?

    Kalbarri Restaurants, Bars and Cafes. 1 • Findlay’s Kalbarri. Findlay’s Kalbarri offers freshly caught fish from the fishing grounds around Kalbarri. The restaurant is also pet-friendly, so 2 • Red Bluff Bakery & Cafe. 3 • Dirt Dust N Diesels Outback Restaurant. 4 • Pickled Pelican. 5 • The Gorges Cafe.