Is Belmont a good school for music?

Belmont University’s School of Music was recently ranked as No. 19 on Great Value College’s Top 60 Great Value Colleges for Music Majors (Undergraduate). The School is the highest ranked in the state.

What colleges offer a music business degree?

The 10 Best Music Business Schools in the US

  • Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)
  • University of Colorado at Denver (Denver, CO)
  • CSU Northridge (Northridge, CA)
  • Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN)
  • Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)
  • Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)

Is Belmont really religious?

Belmont University is uniquely student-centered. As the largest ecumenical Christian university in America, Belmont upholds Jesus Christ as the measure for all we do. As a Christian community of learning and service, we strive to help students grow intellectually and in compassion, courage, and faith.

Is Belmont a dry campus?

Belmont is a dry campus and they strictly enforce the drinking age. Alcohol is available for those students who want to partake in it at off campus parties.

How much does a music business major make?

Music Business Salary in California

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $73,241 $1,408
75th Percentile $51,613 $992
Average $50,951 $979
25th Percentile $32,442 $623

Can you get an MBA with a music degree?

An innovative, high-quality music business degree, our MBA in Music Business is one of the most affordable MBAs in the nation – and can be completed in about a year as a full-time student. The program is a perfect fit for executives, artists, managers, record label employees and music entrepreneurs.

How much do music majors make?

The national average salary for a Music major in the U.S. is $53,779 annually or $25.86 hourly. There is a huge gap between the top 10 percent earners and the bottom 10 percent earners — about $78,000. The top 10 percent earn over $105,000, while the bottom 10 percent make less than $27,000 annually.

Are music majors worth it?

So, is a music degree worth it? Yes, a music degree is worth it for most aspiring musicians. Music degrees are essential for employment in the music industry as well as building well-rounded musicians. However, in some areas of music, a degree may not be necessary.