Is a 3C mouthpiece good for high notes?

If you are looking to reach notes in the higher register, then this mouthpiece will definitely help you do so. Just do have in mind that 3C is the shallowest in the medium size group, so make sure that it is the mouthpiece you’re looking for.

What size is a 3C mouthpiece?

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece – 3C Features: Medium depth, 16.30mm diameter, and medium-wide rim shape. Designed as an all-around mouthpiece with fairly large cup size, making for the perfect addition to any player’s toolkit.

What is the difference between 3C 5C 7C trumpet mouthpiece?

Assuming Bach pieces, the 7C and 3C are roughly the same diameter, but the 7C has a more conical cup while the 3C is more bowl shaped. The 5C is bowl shaped, and slightly narrower than the 3C. Kanstul has a page that lets you overlap different mouthpieces to see the differences more easily.

What mouthpiece is best for trumpet?

Here is a list of 5 of the best trumpet mouthpieces available out there:

  • Glory Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Blessing Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Bach Commercial Series Modified V Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece.

What does a 3C trumpet mouthpiece do?

The Bach 3c mouthpiece has a slightly bigger cup than the 7c. The cup is the part that touches your lips and a bigger cup makes it easier to control the tone, but it also makes it more difficult to hit the high-pitched notes. The 7c mouthpiece from Vincent Bach is the standard mouthpiece you get with your trumpet.

Does trumpet mouthpiece make a difference?

Generally, the larger mouthpiece is often played for lower registers, and the smaller mouthpiece is played for the higher registers. Then, deeper cup produces darker and milder tones while shallower cup produces more brilliant and clearer tones.

What mouthpiece did Miles use?

Heim mouthpieces In the mid 50s, Miles Davis (probably one of the only jazz trumpeters we haven’t seen use a Bach!) moved onto his Heim mouthpiece. It had a narrow rim with a deep V cup that helped him create the super dark trumpet sound he’s known for.

What size trumpet mouthpiece is best for high notes?

You might sacrifice low tone to get those high notes out, or you may sacrifice range to get that fat lower sound. A 3C might give you great sound, but the 10-1/2C might get you the high notes. And you may find something in between that gives you a combination of both.

Will a Bach 7C work with a trumpet?

This way all of my readers can identify with something, and thus get a better picture of how the 3c would work for them. If you buy a new trumpet, professional or beginner, used or new, the Bach 7c is probably the mouthpiece that will come with the trumpet, 80% of the time.

What is the difference between Bach 7d and Bach artisan mouthpiece?

J. Landress Brass, LLC. The Bach Artisan mouthpieces are different from the standard mouthpieces in a few ways. The throat has a new shape and the standard back bore is a 24. The 7D has a 76 back bore and the 7E a 117, just like the standard. They also have the Artisan throat. The rim and cup are the same as the standard mouthpieces.

What mouthpiece should I buy for my trumpet?

If you buy a new trumpet, professional or beginner, used or new, the Bach 7c is probably the mouthpiece that will come with the trumpet, 80% of the time. There is no real reason behind this, it is just something that has grown into one of those “that’s just the way it is” things…

What is the difference between Bach 3C and Bach 5C?

The 5c has a compact and good sound, but the 3c is still a better mouthpiece for the majority of players. The 3c has a thicker rim than the 5c, and this is yet one more thing that helps with endurance. The difference between the Bach 3c vs 1 1/2 c is the cup size and depth. The shape of the rim is actually very similar.