How to draw cartoons for beginners?

1- ALWAYS Start With Basic Shapes. Every character and every environment is basically made of basic shapes that are…

  • 2- Use Guidelines On Your Sketches. Guidelines are there to help you. Learn to use and abuse them. You can use…
  • 3- Get Inspiration From Other Cartoon Artists. I tend to write about inspiration and motivation…
  • How to draw a cartoon face?

    Basic Shapes. The simplest way to grasp the technique of drawing cartoon faces,is by mastering the art of drawing simple geometric shapes,such as square,circle,oval,triangle,etc.

  • Proportions. Cartoon faces,like our human faces comprise common features such as a head,eyes,ears,nose,mouth,and eyebrows.
  • Hairstyles. Cartoons are incomplete without hair on their heads. The hairstyle need not be complicated,instead simple lines and shapes suffice.
  • Expressions. For disparate cartoon faces,three features,that is the eyes,mouth,and eyebrows come into play.
  • How to draw a realistic face step by step?

    Outline the Face. Begin your drawing by deciding how much of your paper you’d like the face to take up.

  • Add the Ears and Hairline. Draw the upper portion of a circle inside the original curve at the top of your page.
  • Mark Guidelines and Start Drawing the Eyes. Across the middle horizontal line,draw five light rectangles.
  • Complete the Nose. Continue shading down from the eye along the center guideline and rough outline you already created for the tip of the nose.
  • Draw in the Lips. As you did with the nose,start to go over your light outline that you previously drew for the lips and teeth.
  • Complete the Skin Shading. Start from the left side of the face and work from the outside to the center.
  • Add Hair to Your Face Drawing. Finally,draw individual curved lines from the center of the top of the head that curve down around the side of the
  • How to draw a cartoon girl face?

    Drawing a Cartoon Girl’s Face Draw an oval that’s narrower at the bottom and divide it into 4 sections. Draw a small nose near the center of the oval. Draw big, exaggerated eyes on top of the horizontal line. Add dark eyelashes to the tops and bottoms of the eyes. Draw big pupils inside of the eyes.