How much money did Jessica McClure get?

When 19, Jessica McClure got married. She and her husband Danny Morales have two children and live less than five miles from where Jessica fell in the well. When she turned 25, in 2011, Jessica reportedly received a trust fund of donations worth $800,000.

How did Jessica McClure fell in the well?

The drama unfolded on the morning of October 14, 1987, when McClure fell through the 8-inch-wide opening of an abandoned well while playing with other children in the backyard of her aunt’s home day-care center. …

What happened to Jessica who fell down the well?

How exactly Baby Jessica fell into the well remains unclear. Baby Jessica remained trapped in the well, 22 feet below ground and only 8 inches wide, for the next 58 hours, while frantic rescue crews attempted to save her life and the entire nation watched transfixed as the drama played out on television.

When did Jessica McClure fall down the well?

14, 1987. Jessica McClure fell into the 8-inch well in her aunt’s backyard in Midland, Texas. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — It was October 14, 1987 when the world watched as dozens of rescue workers descended on a backyard in Midland to save the life of a baby girl who fell down a well.

How was Jessica McClure rescue?

Using a large rat-hole rig, a machine normally used to plant telephone poles in the ground, rescue teams drilled a 30-inch wide, 29-foot deep hole parallel to the well. They then began the difficult process of drilling a horizontal tunnel between the two wells about two feet below where Baby Jessica was trapped.

What happened to Baby Jessica’s rescuer?

On Monday, the body of the 37-year-old man who rescued Jessica McClure in 1987 was found on his parents’ ranch near Stanton, about 20 miles northeast of Midland. Robert O’Donnell wrote a suicide note and drove to a pasture, where he apparently shot himself to death, Glasscock County Deputy Sheriff Fred Schroyer said.

How old is Jessica that fell in the well?

18 months
Jessica McClure Morales (born March 26, 1986; widely known as “Baby Jessica” in 1987) fell into a well in her aunt’s backyard in Midland, Texas, on October 14, 1987, at the age of 18 months….Rescue of Jessica McClure.

Jessica McClure
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What happened to the man who rescued Baby Jessica?

What happened to Jessica McClure?

Baby Jessica rescued from a well as the world watches. On October 16, 1987, in an event that had viewers around the world glued to their televisions, 18-month-old Jessica McClure is rescued after being trapped for 58 hours in an abandoned water well in Midland, Texas.

What happened to Baby Jessica McClure Morales?

Jessica Morales, also known as “Baby Jessica,” became famous in 1987, when she fell down a well in her aunt’s backyard at 18 months old. She remained trapped for 58 hours. Who Is Baby Jessica? Jessica McClure Morales, also known as “Baby Jessica,” became famous in 1987, when, at 18 months old, she fell down a 22-foot well in her aunt’s backyard.

What happened to John McClure’s parents?

McClure’s parents divorced several years after her accident, rescue workers in Midland feuded over a potential Hollywood movie deal and in 1995, a paramedic who played a key role in helping to save McClure died by suicide, possibly as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Where did Stephanie McClure go to high school?

In May 2004, McClure graduated from Greenwood High School, in a small community near Midland. On January 28, 2006, she married Daniel Morales at the Church of Christ in Notrees, Texas, about 40 mi (64 km) from Midland. They met at a day care center where she worked with his sister.