How much is the new Riven skin?

This skin is tentatively priced at 1820 RP and will include the same new graphics as Yasuo, but she also has a special model for her ultimate form! Riven is here to be the opposing force trying to stop Nightbringer Yasuo and she looks great in gold and blue. She shines a bright gold when her ultimate is active.

How much is a redeemer riven worth?

Popular Stats by Price

Riven Name Median Price Count
SHEDU 250 71
LENZ 150 71
SOMA 200 70

How much does a Catchmoon riven sell for?

Popular Stats by Price

Riven Name Median Price Count
CORINTH 200 53
LENZ 150 53
HEK 150 52

Is riven difficult to play?

Riven is very difficult at first and will frustrate people with limited attention spans. You are faced with constant puzzles and have to accept that you aren’t going to figure them all out at first.

What is the most expensive skin in League of Legends?

So if you’re looking to buy the most expensive League of Legends skin, currently available in the Riot store, then you’ll have to have Lux and get the Elementalist skin. There was also a ‘master version’ of the skin which went for 3950 RP, which roughly converts to 25€.

When was the last riven skin?

Riven has 12 skins (13 including classic). The most recent one was released on 6 August 2020.

What should I look for in a redeemer riven?

+damage, +combo duration, +attack speed, +elements are good stats for the redeemer. It is a shotgun with low status and low crit, so neither of those stats would be useful. But is it not a melee weapon? raw damage weapons like this are one of the few times where damage vs grineer is actually a priority stat.

How much is Tombfinger riven?

Popular Stats by Price

Riven Name Median Price Count
VULKAR 150 68
SHEDU 250 65

What do you want on a Catchmoon riven?

The stats you want on a catchmoon are more damage and multishot than anything. Crit damage is the only actual useful stat id say due to the primed mod giving 200% crit chance and crit damage only has 110%.