How much is the GED test in DC?

GED Test Cost

State/Territory Cost per Subtest Cost for all 4 Tests Combined
D.C. $3.75 $15
Delaware $30 $120
Federal Bureau of Prisons $20 $80
Florida $32 $128

How do I get my GED in DC?

  1. Sign up to take the GED test by creating a free account at
  2. For questions, please contact Deysi Ramirez at [email protected]
  3. Examinees who have met requirements to test in DC may schedule their appointments through or by calling (877) 392-6433.

How long does it take to get a GED in DC?

7 hours, 41 minutes
Have not been enrolled in a traditional high school program for at least six months, and is enrolled in a DCPS or DC Public Charter School-based educational program that provides preparation toward your GED completion….

Math 115 minutes
Science 90 minutes
Language Arts 150 minutes
Total 7 hours, 41 minutes

How old do you have to be to get your GED in Washington state?

19 years old
You must be 19 years old to test in Washington. In Washington, anyone 16 through 18 years of age must provide documentation verifying that they are not enrolled in any type of high school program at the time of testing.

Can you take your GED online?

The official online proctored GED test can only be taken through GED Testing Service at If you’re getting ready to take the GED test, the internet has a wealth of resources to help you prepare.

How do I know if my GED is real?

How to Know if You Have a Valid GED

  1. Online GED Tests Are Only Administered on
  2. They’re Attached to Non-Accredited Online High Schools.
  3. They Offer a Test “Based On” the GED Test.
  4. They Try to Sell You Your GED Diploma.

What is a good GED score?

Though a score of 145 or better is considered a passing score on the GED, a college-ready score is considered to be anything above 164. Students who score 165-174 show that they have the skills needed to start college-level courses and may be exempt from placement tests or remedial (non-credit) courses in college.

Do fake GED diplomas work?

Fake certificates hold no value. Therefore, if students use a fake GED credential or high school diploma, they can get kicked out of school or lose their job. It is definitely not worth the risk. A real GED is worth it.

What colleges offer GED programs?

Anaheim. Website: Website:

  • Bakersfield. Website:
  • Banning. Website:
  • Cathedral City. Website:
  • Chula Vista. Website:
  • Culver City. Website:
  • Cypress. Website:
  • Fullerton. Website:
  • Gilroy. Website:
  • Glendale.
  • What are the best free online GED programs?

    The Best Online GED Programs GEDonline

    What schools offer GED online?

    Liberty University Online (Lynchburg,Virginia)

  • Purdue University Global (West Lafayette,IN)
  • Grand Canyon University (Phoenix,Arizona)
  • Art Institute Online (Pittsburg,Pennsylvania)
  • Rasmussen College (Maitland,Florida)
  • Ohio Christian University (Circleville,Ohio)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago,Illinois)
  • What do you have to do to get a GED?

    Take the GED Sign up for a test. Find a local GED testing center and sign up for a time that is available to you. Take the test. Arrive promptly on testing day and use the techniques you practiced to take the complete test. Receive your score. Every testing center handles giving out scores differently. Take the test again.