How much does TKT exam cost?

Cambridge TKT Examination Fee Rs 7,750 (additional dispatch fee applicable) Applicants will get Rs. 500 discounts on every additional module purchase.

Is TKT a teaching qualification?

TKT is a series of internationally recognised modular teaching qualifications, which test your knowledge in a specific area of English language teaching.

Is TKT a diploma?

TKT is a globally-recognised,flexible series of modular teaching certifications, which test your knowledge in 5 specific areas of English language teaching. Each module carries a certificate and is a stand alone qualification.

How long is TKT exam?

80 minutes
All of the TKT modules are taken on paper, and consist of 80 questions per module. You will have 80 minutes to take each module, and each question is worth one mark. There are multiple-choice and matching questions.

Is TKT equivalent to Celta?

The biggest difference is that the CELTA always has at least six hours of observed and graded teaching practice, whereas the TKT has none or, if you take the TKT: Practical, 40 minutes. For all these reasons, the CELTA is considered a higher level qualification than the TKT.

Is BEC certificate useful?

You should take this exam if you want to develop professional English business skills. The BEC Higher qualification proves to employers that you can be effective in a demanding English-speaking business environment.

Which is better Celta or TKT?

What are the benefits of TKT?

It will help you to build your confidence, and is a cost-effective way to get an internationally recognised qualification. Whether you are a new teacher or have years of experience, TKT is ideal for people who need to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.

How do I apply for TKT?

You can register for TKT up to six weeks before the exam session. In order to register to the exam you should fill in TKT Application form and make payment to our bank account. Then send the filled in form, proof of payment and valid ID card to [email protected] .

Is TKT better than Celta?

Is TKT Band 3 good?

There is no Pass or Fail. Results are reported in Bands 1–4, with Band 4 being the highest. Band 1 represents limited knowledge of the content areas tested; Band 2, basic but systematic knowledge; Band 3 shows a breadth and depth of knowledge and Band 4 extensive knowledge.

What is better TKT or CELTA?

What is the TKT test?

Teaching Knowledge Test, or TKT, is apt for aspirants willing to develop themselves as a teacher but lack the idea or knowledge of the modern English teaching methodologies, required skills and approaches; the TKT test will certainly enhance their teaching career and give it the much needed boost.

Which is the best place to take the TKT exam in India?

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the pioneer in teacher training education in Asia is a Cambridge English Assessment Authorised Centre for conducting Cambridge TKT Exam across India. TKT is the acronym for Teaching Knowledge Test and is conducted by Cambridge, which tests your basic teaching knowledge.

What do I get for completing TKT?

You receive a Cambridge English certificate for each module you complete. Who is TKT for? Prove your EFL teaching knowledge with this series of flexible, internationally recognised tests. TKT is taken as a series of multiple-choice tests.

How do I prepare for Cambridge TKT?

Anyone interested to take Cambridge TKT can apply and prepare for the exam through us and gain an internationally reputed Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Certificate (Cambridge TKT). This is a great opportunity to improve your teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate. It is a paper based program and each module has one test paper.