How much does it cost to get the CCNA Certifications?

In order to acquire this certification, the candidate should able to pass the exam. The cost of CCNA certification is $250. On the other hand, the overseas candidates can change the amount according to their country’s currency to determine the exact money that they will be spending to register for the exam.

How to get CCNA certification?

1. Enroll in a study school to prepare for the exam. Many online schools have training programs to prepare you for the CCNA exam. Online classes are

  • 2. Study for the exam with practice tests. Use practice tests to quiz yourself on the necessary skills for the CCNA exam. Depending on the field you
  • 3. Register online to take the CCNA exam. Go online and register for the CCNA exam via the Pearson VUE website. Since the tests are only offered at
  • 4. Complete and pass the test. Go to your testing location and finish the exam. The test itself will have 50-60 questions,and you’ll have an hour and
  • How to study for the CCNA?

    1) Get Practical Experience You’ll need both theoretical and practical knowledge to pass the CCNA exam. 2) Obtain the Proper Study Materials CCNA preparation includes gathering the right study materials. 3) Schedule Practice Tests Schedule practice tests well in advance of your scheduled exam date. Set a deadline for yourself and check what you have learned in between that time. 4) Refresh Your Knowledge Right Before the Exam We recommend rereading the Cisco Press books again before your schedule exam date. 5) Take a Breather

    Can I study CCNA at home?

    You absolutely can study for the CCNA exam at home! There are online study courses available for exactly this purpose. is perfect for getting prepared to pass the CCNA exam because it actually tracks your knowledge level and tells you when you are prepared to pass your exam.