How much does it cost to get into Santee Drive-in?

Fortunately (if you don’t mind driving out to Santee) there’s a really decent drive-in that’s open all year around. They have two screens that always play top new releases. For about $9 bucks (adult ticket) you gain admission to two movies.

Are dogs allowed at Santee Drive-in?

Question: Can we bring our dogs? Answer: All dogs must remain inside the car AT ALL TIMES. Note: There is no where for them to go to the bathroom so please make sure they go before you come!

What drive-in is playing Candyman?

Candyman – West Wind Drive-In.

Do drive ins have radios?

How to listen to movies at a drive-in. Most drive-in movie theaters use FM radio to play the sound. Each screen has its own frequency and you tune your own radio to that station to listen.

What is a nightly double?

A nightly double is a hang-out spot, specifically the drive-in movie theater that was referred to in the book The Outsiders. Each drive-in movie theater is a bit different, but some of the same benefits will apply from one theater to the next.

Can you listen to drive in movies iPhone?

The iPhone does not pick up FM. You would need an accessory or you could just buy a personal radio that you could plug headphones into.

How do I prepare for a drive-in movie?

How To Go To a Drive-in Movie Theater Like a Pro: 10 Essential Tips You Need To Know

  1. Plan for a late night.
  2. Arrive early.
  3. Bring activities for downtime.
  4. Be aware of some vehicle regulations.
  5. Plan your food and snacks.
  6. Bring bug spray.
  7. Wear comfy clothes.
  8. Bring a portable radio with extra batteries and turn off your car.

Should I keep my car running at a drive-in movie?

Typically, NO, you do not leave your car running during a drive-in movie. There are several reasons for this. One, it’s terribly wasteful, that’s a lot of gasoline to burn for just sitting there. Two, it could be potentially rude to the other patrons, if they are sitting outside their car.

Does the drive-in still play in the rain?

Do drive-ins close if there is going to be rain or bad weather? Almost all drive-ins remain open (if they are normally scheduled to be open) during rain, storms and other bad weather.