How much does a Blue Heeler puppy cost?

A pet quality Blue Heeler puppy from a reputable breeder will average about $500 to $525. Puppies bought for breeding or “show quality” can cost quite a bit more. These prices range from a low of $1,800 up to over $5,000.

Is a Blue Heeler a good house dog?

Do Blue Heelers Make Good Family Pets? Australian Cattle Dogs make great pets if you can to give them the exercise and mental stimulation they require to stay healthy and happy. But they are best suited to homes without very small children.

Are Blue Heeler puppies aggressive?

Are Blue Heeler puppies aggressive? Blue Heelers can be aggressive during particular circumstances. They are naturally protective and controlling, due to their herding heritage. While some will be more naturally aggressive than others, this is true for all breeds of dogs.

Are Blue Heeler mixes good dogs?

With proper socialization from a puppy, this Blue Heeler mix can be a good choice for families with kids and other pets. It is not all cuddles for this breed though, their intelligent, highly adaptable natures, mean they need a good about of stimulation. As a very diligent breed, they will excel at skill training.

Do blue heeler shed?

Like many double-coated dog breeds, Blue Heelers have a thick undercoat that make them moderate to heavy shedders year-round. During fall and spring, they’ll experience excessive shedding in clumps by “blowing” their coats.

Are Blue Heelers easy to train?

Since Blue Heelers are herding dogs, they’re used to working closely with their humans. As such, Blue Heelers are easy to train, and they learn commands quickly.

Are Blue Heelers loyal?

Hard-working, intelligent, and loyal—that’s a Blue Heeler in a nutshell. Historically, these dogs were bred to work on farms as herding dogs and they still thrive when they have a job to do. Their fierce loyalty makes them even better workers.

What is the life expectancy of a blue heeler?

13 – 15 years
Australian Cattle Dog/Life expectancy

Do Blue Heelers smell?

The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to work outdoors and has a smooth, double-layer coat that protects him from the elements. This coat has no odor or oily residue, so an Australian Cattle Dog generally needs just a quick brushing once a week and an occasional bath.

What breed of dog is a blue heeler?

The blue heeler is a type of Australian cattle dog. He is intelligent, loyal and protective. The breed derives from the Australian dingo , which was bred with smooth-coated blue- merle collies . The resulting dog was bred with black and tan kelpies and dalmatians to produce blue heeler dogs.

How big are blue heeler puppies?

Blue heelers typically grow to weigh between 35 and 45 pounds and will be between 17 and 20 inches tall at the shoulder. Of course, each dog is different and their sizes may vary.

What is a blue heeler?

What is a Blue Heeler. Blue Heelers are an Australian working breed. Traditionally used for driving cattle along by nipping at their heels – hence the name! Like every other working dog, the Blue Heeler loves and needs lots of exercise, and is very intelligent.