How much does a 2021 BMW i3 cost?

From $44,450
2021 BMW i3/MSRP

What is range of BMW i3 with range extender?

Extends driving pleasure: the optional Range Extender is located next to the electric motor in the rear of the BMW i3 and can increase the range of the BMW i3 in COMFORT Mode from up to 125 miles to a total of 205 miles.

What is the range of a 2020 BMW i3?

126 to 153 mi battery-only, 200 mi total
2020 BMW i3/Range

Is BMW discontinuing i3?

Production of the i3 for the US market will cease at the end of July 2021, BMWBlog says, but will continue elsewhere until 2022. The i3 has been in production since 2013, giving BMW an early entry into the EV game, but it has seen its share of headwinds when it comes to sales.

When did BMW stop making i3 range extender?

In an email, a spokesperson for BMW confirmed that US production of the i3 will end July 2021. “At the time of its launch in 2013, the BMW i3 represented a pioneering moment in electric vehicles and lightweight construction,” the spokesperson said.

Does i3 stop charging when full?

2019 BMW i3 – It will charge from empty to full in 24 to 28 hours.

What is wrong with BMW i3?

A current class-action lawsuit argues that BMW i3 cars with Range Extenders (REx) lose their ability to accelerate, according to The owners filing the lawsuit suggest that a design defect causes the vehicle to slow suddenly when the batteries’ charge drops below a certain point.

Is BMW i3 safe?

The i3 scored 86% for adult occupant protection and 81% for in the child occupant category. While these scores are decent, a 57% pedestrian protection result affected the i3’s overall star rating. All i3s come with six airbags, electronic stability control and a seatbelt reminder buzzer as standard.

How long will a BMW i3 last?

How many miles with a BMW i3 last? BMW quotes an official range of 182 miles – that was amazing once but cars like the Peugeot e-208 can travel more than 200 miles and are a lot cheaper to buy. That said, with its lightweight body the i3 is economical and, on average, delivers close to that 182-mile quoted range.

How do I know if my BMW i3 has a range extender?

You can identify if you have the optional range extender on your car by the fuel flap located on the front driver’s side of the car. In addition to this the display shows both the fuel level and the state of charge.