How much deduction is an athlete fall in cheer?

A . 25 deduction will be assessed per occurrence for an athlete that makes contact with both feet outside the competition boundary. Stepping on, or just past the white tape is not a boundary violation.

How many deductions is a stunt fall?

MAJOR STUNT FALL – 1.5 POINTS (per occurrence) deducted from your total possible score for each FALL on a stunt/toss skill in which the flyer’s body (other than their feet/foot) hits the floor and/or a FALL by multiple members of the stunt group.

What does BB mean cheer deductions?

BB = building bobble A “bobble” is when a stunt or basket toss almost drops or falls, but is saved. This includes flyers having trouble balancing, extended stunts dropping to a lower level, and dismount mistakes.

How much is a safety deduction in cheer?

1pt deduction for each occurrence – An occurrence is defined as both feet off the 42′ by 54′ performance surface and any immediate safety border. Stepping on or past the white tape in not a boundary violation.

What is a legality in cheerleading?

The statute, which went into effect on July 1, 2017, classified competitive cheerleading as an official interscholastic sport in California, mandating that with oversight from the California Interscholastic Federation, coaches for competitive cheer must satisfy the same health and safety training standards as those who …

What is a bobble in cheer?

A bobble will be issued if a top person is standing on both feet and only one foot falls below prep level. Stunts that come down but do not meet any of the Minor/Major Fall definitions will be issued a Building Bobble.

What is a building fall in cheer?

BUILDING FALL – .75. • Drops from a building skill or transition during a stunt, pyramid and/or toss. Includes the following: • Base or spotter drops to the performance surface during a building skill.

How does cheer scoring work?

Your score is based on “score drivers” given to coaches over the summer and is comparative to the other teams at each individual event. When considering building, including more ELITE level appropriate skills in both stunts and pyramids will drive the scores higher within the range.

What is a good cheer score?

This is an area where many teams should make adjustments. You’ll notice teams that are not at the top of the division size (from the number of athletes) will make changes to their jump sections. Like Varsity, teams are required to do 2+1 or 3 jumps, with the only change being the number of athletes performing them.

What is a cheer inversion?

Inverted: When the athlete’s shoulders are below her/his waist and at least one foot is above her/his head.

How do you become a USSF judge?

How To Become A Legality Official

  1. Submit and pass a background check through USASF.
  2. Take an online training course through the U.S. Center for SafeSport.
  3. Attend either an online or in person training course for Legality Officials at your own expense.

What are cheer pom-poms made out of?

Cheerleading pom-poms come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, color combinations, and sizes. Classically, pom-poms have been made of plastic but mylar (also called BoPET) has become increasingly popular in recent years. The most common size, the 6″ works most age groups or performance type.