How many types of police are there in Tamilnadu?

For administrative purposes, the state has been divided into four police zones – North, South, West and Central each headed by an Inspector General of Police. Inspector-general of police will be assisted by a Deputy Inspector-General Of Police with jurisdiction of range comprising 2 or more districts.

What is TSP in police?

The full form of TSP is Tribal Sub-Plan.

What is TSP in Tamilnadu police?

The Madras High Court has ruled that Tamil Nadu Special Police (TSP) personnel who got accelerated promotion as Inspectors and Assistant Commandants before November 2007 on account of having served in Special Line such as armoury division cannot be reverted on the basis of a statutory rule introduced that year to grant …

What is special police officer in India?

SPOs are ordinary villagers, recruited by the state on a temporary basis, trained to use weapons and deployed to carryout combat operations in a limited territory, often within a district, in a state.

What are the ranks in TN police?

Director of. Intelligence. Bureau. (GOI)¹ Commissioner.

  • Director. General of. Police² Joint.
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police or. Senior Superintendent of Police. Deputy Commissioner of Police or. Superintendent of Police.
  • Inspector of Police. Sub-Inspector of Police. Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police. Police Head Constable.
  • Who is best IPS officer in Tamilnadu?

    C. Sylendra Babu

    DGP C. Sylendra Babu IPS
    Police career
    Department Tamil Nadu Police Department
    Service years 1987-present
    Rank Director General of Police

    Who is DGP of Tamilnadu?

    C. Sylendra Babu
    He is serving as the Director General of Police of Tamil Nadu….C. Sylendra Babu.

    DGP C. Sylendra Babu IPS
    Department Tamil Nadu Police Department
    Service years 1987-present
    Rank Director General of Police

    How many special forces are there in Tamil Nadu?

    They are as follows: 1 Armed Police or Tamil Nadu Special Police 2 Civil Defence and Home Guards 3 Civil Supplies, CID 4 Coastal Security Group (CSG) 5 Crime Branch, CID 6 Crime Against Women and Children-Special Wing 7 Cyber Crime Wing 8 Economic Offences Wing (EOW) 9 Intelligence 10 Operations – TN Commando Force & Commando School

    What is the official website of Tamil Nadu Police? Tamil Nadu Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is over 150 years old and is the fifth largest state police force in India.

    Who manufactures the equipment used by Tamil Nadu Police?

    Majority of the equipment used by Tamil Nadu police are manufactured by Indian Ordnance Factories controlled by the Ordnance Factories Board, Ministry of Defence, and the Government of India.

    How many districts are there in South Tamil Nadu?

    South Zone having jurisdiction over 10 Districts (excluding Madurai City and Tirunelveli City) viz., Madurai Rural, Dindigul, Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, Theni, Virudhunagar, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli Rural, Kanyakumari and Tenkasi .