How many shipwrecks are in Aruba?

Aruba is known for its wrecks. Where most Caribbean islands have one or two diveable wrecks, Aruba has over ten.

How deep is the Antilla Aruba?

The Antilla wreck is the biggest wreck dive in all of the Caribbean Sea, coming in at a total of 400 feet, or roughly 122 metres, which is impressive, especially underwater.

What ship sank in Aruba?

the SS Antilla
When Germany invaded the Netherlands at the start of World War II, the German cargo ship the SS Antilla was sunk off the coast of Aruba. In order to keep it out of enemy hands, the crew set the sinking ship on fire. Nowadays, it is known as the Ghost Ship of Aruba and it belongs to the largest wrecks in the Caribbean.

What city is Pedernales wreck in?

The SS Pedernales was a World War II lake tanker that was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat en route to a refinery on Aruba. The center portion of the vessel still remains submerged off the shore of Palm Beach, approximately 25 feet below sea level.

Are sharks in Aruba?

As an island country within the Caribbean, Aruba is home to some varieties of shark species. The most common types of sharks you may encounter in Aruba are reef sharks, whale sharks, and hammerhead sharks.

Can you swim to Antilla shipwreck?

Snorkeling the Antilla Wreck is only accessible by booking a boat tour. We wondered if you could swim to it from Malmok Beach; it doesn’t look that far offshore on the satellite maps. But don’t try to swim it. It’s too far, there are strong currents and the water is rough too.

When did the SS Antilla sink?


about the loss
cause lost: scuttled
other reasons: deliberate
date lost: 10/05/1940 [dd/mm/yyyy]

How did Antilla sink?

After the Dutch marines had removed the German crew, Aruba fired two rounds at Antilla from her 37mm gun. By 0650 hours, Antilla was afire from bow to stern and she was listing 20 degrees to port. Aruba left Malmok Bay at 1130 hours, by which time Antilla’s list had increased to 30 degrees and she was sinking.

Is it safe to swim in Aruba?

In Aruba, almost all beaches have no lifeguard so you need to seek advice before you swim. Swimming alone is not safe. Seek advice before swimming in an unknown area and wear booties whenever you feel the bottom is not all sand. Remember water and alcohol don’t mix so don’t drink and swim.

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in Aruba?


1 tank dive (afternoon) USD 75 USD 96
3 day (6 dive) package USD 256 USD 351
4 day (8 dive) package USD 320 USD 426
5 day (10 dive) package USD 373 USD 506

What is the newest wreck in Aruba?

The Kappel was sunk in 2009 in the bowl of Mangel Halto by JADS Dive Center, becoming Aruba’s newest wreck. Situated in a sandy bottom at a depth of about 45 feet, the Kappel serves as an ideal wreck site for both snorkelers and novice divers.

How deep is the Atlantis Submarine Aruba?

Take a voyage beneath the sparkling waters of the Caribbean on boar the Atlantis Submarine Aruba and be the 1% of the population that has made the famous touchdown at the depths of 130 feet.

What happened on the island of Aruba in WW2?

On 16 February 1942, a German U-boat attacked the small Dutch island of Aruba. Other submarines patrolled the area for shipping and they sank or damaged tankers. Aruba was home to two of the largest oil refineries in the world during the war against the Axis powers, the Arend Petroleum Maatschappij,…

Where is Aruba located in the world?

The Gulf of Venezuela; Aruba is located just northeast of the gulf. Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. The Dutch island of Aruba had two major oil installations. The production of aviation fuel had been expanded to supply British requirements prior to the American entry into the war.