How many episodes are there of one foot in the grave?

One Foot in the Grave/Number of episodes

When was the last episode of One Foot in the Grave?

November 20, 2000
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How many seasons is one foot in the grave?


One Foot in the Grave
Original language English
No. of series 6
No. of episodes 42 + 2 shorts (list of episodes)

Why did they end one foot in the grave?

The episode depicts the death of the series’ protagonist, Victor Meldrew, in a hit-and-run road accident and his wife’s efforts to deal with the driver who killed him. Renwick had been struggling to conceive and write new stories for the series and decided to kill off the character.

What is the sentence for one foot in the grave?

1 The old man has one foot in the grave. 2 She sounded like she had one foot in the grave. 3 He may not have one foot in the grave. 4 You already have one foot in the grave.

Did Victor and Margaret meldrew have a child?

Although there is no explicit reference that Victor and Margaret had children, the episode ‘Timeless Time’ contained a melancholy, ambiguous reference to someone called Stuart; the suggestion was that they once had a son who had died as a child.

What happened Victor Meldrew?

In the final episode, “Things Aren’t Simple Any More”, Meldrew is killed by a hit-and-run driver. This eliminated any realistic possibility of a seventh series. Passers-by left bouquets of flowers in homage at the filming location, a railway bridge in Shawford, a small village in Hampshire.

Who said I dont believe it?

Victor Meldrew’s catchphrase is voted the nation’s favourite of all time – 19 years after One Foot In The Grave last aired. ‘I don’t believe it!’ has been voted the nation’s favourite catchphrase of all time.

How old is Richard Wilson?

85 years (July 9, 1936)
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How old is Annette Crosbie?

87 years (February 12, 1934)
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What wouldnt butter melt?

said to mean that although someone looks completely innocent, they are capable of doing something bad.